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My Movement is conscious

A deliberate, slow and attentive movement is a conscious one. When the body is aligned with the mind, we deliver conscious movement.  Being aware of your movement, puts you in control of your own body, no wasted energies and no physical injuries.  Most important, is that when doing a conscious movement, you have more energy and flow.

When the body does a certain movement for a very long time, it gets locked on that movement. For example:  You work at an office five days a week, most of the time you are sitting in the same position at the computer. In this case your body gets locked without your own intention or awareness.  Conscious movement helps activate muscles that are put on pause or overstretched, to deliver harmonious, smooth movements for your everyday life to achieve health and well being.

Conscious movement also plays a big role in unlocking emotional tension. When we go through a negative emotional experience and we do not release these feelings, they get stuck in the physical body. I am always able to tell a person’s mind state by the way they move and use their hands. Some people even get stuck in one movement. It is amazing.

It is very important to observe your self and practice conscious movement everyday for more freedom in your body and heart.

My movement is based on sufi teachings

The Mystic Sufi Teachings focus on the intimate relationship between an individual and the Beloved (The Creator) and in the process experiencing – physical, mental and spiritual- blessings and wonders.

When a Sufi (dervish) starts his life journey, he/she is given a number of tasks to practice and apply while diving deep in the ultimate search for truth and connection with the source, the Beloved, where ego dissolves and “I-ness” demolishes. These tasks and practices are reflected in the conscious movement, as that gives the movement higher spiritual energy to access higher levels of Essence and Consciousness while connecting to the Beloved , The Most High, The Gentle.