Acknowledging Polarity In Our Selves


In life, one tends to see things like a random incident, an action or a situation from an individual perspective. Most people see life’s events as ” this happened to me, that happened to me” not as ” I did this, I did that”.  Life’s unfolding events, are much deeper than one thinks. There are multiple meanings and wisdom to each single action. One might be able to read life’s events in retrospect, if one has the accurate understanding of Universal Law patterns. However, the understanding one acquires is not as useful as it would be at the time the event happens. I will explain a couple of polarity patterns that happen often. Overall, one is able to understand life’s events in relation to one’s own perception of things.

Living This Moment

Living this moment can be applied in two ways, living inside and living outside. No matter how one lives, both are two experiences and part of one whole creation. It’s similar to looking at the same object from different perspectives. An outsider point of view and an insider point of view. And because everything has an essence, this approach is helpful to reach the essence of a specific creation.

Whether one is aware or not, or has chosen an experience or not, one will experience something anyway.

One important concept to learn in life is desire and resistance are two different faces of the same coin.

That doesn’t mean they are separate or unrelated. On the contrary, the moment something is desired, it is being resisted and visa versa. Desire and resistance are oneness in depth because every creation has two poles of existence, as above so below. For example, you can experience heaven and hell here on earth just like heaven and hell exist in the afterlife. Polarities are brothers and sisters, they live along each other. There is polarity in everything and most interestingly, there’s polarity in humans. One is born with polarity. It is part of life experience. It is to be learned and transcended. It is to be acknowledged and accepted.

Polarity is an art form. It can always be interpreted differently. However the Artist, is the only one who is able to define its meaning and find its poles.

The Artist in this case, is the Soul. Only the soul knows where desire and resistance dwell. To be able to identify Polarity, is to be able to find it. Acknowledging Polarity will help one switch the role of a receiver to the role of a doer. Also, Knowing how polarity works, allows one to know to which pole he/she is getting pulled, why and how to balance that. It’s very mixed and tangled pattern but I tried to simplify it as much as possible and divide it into forms for a better understanding.

Form 1: The two poles of an experience:

The definition of experience is:

a:the fact or state of having been affected by or having gained knowledge through direct observation or participation.

b:something personally encountered, undergone or lived through.

Living Inside Your Experience.

Living inside your experience is when one misses the whole experience because one is occupied by inner thoughts. Thinking, rethinking and overthinking the experience. Instead of living the moment itself, one is tuning with another stream of thoughts that analyze the experience rather than feel it. Every thought has a feeling and it plays over and over in ones head like an old broken record. Being trapped inside ones head, prevents one from receiving reality as it is in a neutral way.

Living Outside Your Experience.

Living outside your experience is when one misses the whole experience because one is occupied by reacting to triggers. No thinking but rather compulsive doing. Doing, redoing and over-doing.

Instead of living the moment itself, one is attracted to constant talking and doing as a response to a stimuli.

Talking constantly as a response to peoples presence. Doing this or that as a response to peoples expectations. There is no moment where one can pause and enjoy, everything goes so fast. It feels more like work  than experience. This compulsive state prevents one from receiving reality as it is in a neutral way.


I have a dinner party and invite friends over. As host I’m concerned about how well everything is going instead of feeling and experiencing my dinner, my friends and my self in that situation.

“Living Inside” Mind State: (thoughts run inside only)

Is my place comfortable for them? Is the food good? Are they getting along? Am I being a good host? Am I providing everyone with what they need. Am I saying this/that right? Did they like my dinner? Did they like my company? I’m the only one who cares. I am a good person but I’m never acknowledged. Maybe they will thank me for hosting them. Maybe they will notice how good I am. I’m not good enough. Person A is better than me. Person A communicates better than me, I should stop talking. I will agree on what they want so they know we are one team.

Neutral Mind State: (thoughts run inside and shared with people)

I am excited. This is fun. The food is great, I did a good job. I like to have friends over. I enjoy communicating and laughing with friends. Beautiful. I clean the dishes and cheerfully ask for help if I need some. I express my self clearly. I appreciate when I see person A communicate eloquently. I’m happy for person A. I complement person A. It makes us both happy. I’m OK with being silent. I’m OK with talking.

“Living outside” Mind State: (thoughts run inside only)

I better answer all the questions, so they feel well. I better share all my thoughts whether relevant or not. If I stay quite for a moment, they might think I’m uncomfortable with them. If I am not doing something, they might think I’m not interested in them. I want everyone’s attention on me when I speak. They are not attentive, I better say something loud and funny. I’m sharing all my concerns and fears with people because that is all I think of. I talk about my struggle with the dishes, so they do it for me. I complain about cleaning, so they offer cleaning. I complain about my life, so I have their full attention.

Neutral Mind State: (thoughts run inside and shared with people)

I am excited. This is fun. The food is great, I did a good job. I like to have friends over. I enjoy communicating and laughing with friends. Beautiful. I can express my joy and frustration without any expectations from people. I am content with my self, I don’t need friends’ empathy. I don’t need to entertain. I express my self clearly. I say what I feel. I’m OK with being silent. I’m OK with talking.

Form 2: The two poles of an Identity/Belief/Thought 

The definition of identity is:

athe distinguishing character or personality of an individual.
bthe condition of being the same with something described or asserted.
There is so much to learn about identities, however I will focus on the Polarity aspect of it. Identity comes from a strong belief and a strong belief comes by as a thought. So, a thought that is very strong turns into a belief and a belief creates an identity. That’s how identities come to manifest in life. One person can have as much identities as possible. The more identities, the more difficult life gets. Above all that, it is crucial to know your Soul essence and the associated beliefs that one wears like a costume.
First, let’s say there are many identities in this world and almost every identity has a polarity.
One can tell if the identity has a polarity, if one is totally identified with that identity.
When one describes him/her self as (an identity). Being identified with an identity helps one accomplish tasks in life. When one is absolutely sure he/she is a chef, one can make great food. Cooking as a Chef rather than cooking as a person who is professional in making gourmet foods is different. I’m not saying that having a job as a Chef and cooking without calling oneself a chef is not sufficient. What I am pointing out is, introducing one self as a Chef everywhere, creates the Chef identity and manifests amazing delicious food whether one is following the recipe book or not. It starts coming out naturally. Furthermore, a higher knowledge is obtained in rising above identities and labels. It is a spiritual freedom. I know many would feel lost without a certain identity, if they are used to it and been “this or that” their whole life.
When one’s spiritual vibration elevates and consciousness expands, one starts un-identifying with any labels, names or descriptions. All that limits one’s ability and freedom to experience life as neutral and whole.
One might spend his/her whole life thinking he/she is this/that. At essence, everyone is nothing but a divine being which can’t be described and limited to a specific label. This is a higher spiritual knowledge, many are not aware of and are not ready to accept or understand. Some find this out much later in life and some never do.


When one describes him/her self as a peaceful person and totally identifies with that for some time. Then this identity has the opposite polarity which is vengeful and aggressive. This is what the peaceful person is trying to transcend in reality.

The Peaceful Identity:

I love and embrace everyone and everything. I am at peace with all. I love my life. Life is beautiful only if I can be at peace. Peace is everything. Peace is more important than communication. Why can’t you be peaceful? You should be peaceful. I forgive people if they apologize. I don’t care about anything. I don’t want anything new in my life because It’s already peaceful. Peace is my motto, that’s why I should wear clothing that indicates it. People should know I am peaceful. I describe my self as peaceful. I’m definitely peaceful. I hate aggressive people. People like me when I’m peaceful. People say I’m peaceful. I’m right. I see no evil.

The Vengeful & Aggressive Identity:

I’m done forgiving people. I don’t want to be treated this way anymore. Some people don’t deserve to be forgiven. Some people don’t deserve my peace and kindness. He/she is a coward and weak.  He/she pretends to be peaceful. I won’t forgive anymore. I’m strong. I’m a beast. No one can cross me over. No one dares to challenge me. My life is dedicated to prove people they are wrong. I have control of my life. I am courageous. I criticize people when they do something wrong, to stop them. I’m righteous. My self comes first. I’m important. I’m something. People should know who I am. People respect me. I help people wake up from their delusions. Evil is everywhere. I am always alert to anyone who try to lie to me. I know what people are up to.

Neutral peaceful Mind State:

I’m connected with everything and everyone. I forgive with no conditions. I love with no conditions. I accept life’s events. People are a reflection of me. What I put out, comes back to me. Because I’m at peace with myself, I’m at peace with others. Life is beautiful unconditionally. I pray for peace and I acknowledge the negative. I try to be right but I can be wrong too. I do my best and let go of things that I can’t control. The words I say, say more about me than others. People are divine creation. I forget about my self. I help people when I can. I trust the divine. Life is peaceful. Every creation has peace. It is OK to not be peaceful sometimes. I am not defined by peace but I like to be associate it with it.


The definition of polarity is:

a: the quality or condition inherent in a body that exhibits opposite properties or powers in opposite parts or directions or that exhibits contrasted properties or powers in contrasted parts or directions :the condition of having poles.
b: attraction toward a particular object or in a specific direction.
c: the particular state either positive or negative with reference to the two poles or to electrification.

Polarity has long been one of the magnificent qualities of the universe. It exists in a delicate, subtle way.

Understanding the terms of polarity, gives one the ability to neutralize it. Also, allows for a bigger space of debate on negative and positive.

Is negative really that and is positive really that? All that undergo one’s own comprehension of things. Negative and positive are nothing but one whole complete creation. However, the acknowledgment of both is absolutely essential. Without the negative, one won’t be able to discern the positive and visa versa. Let’s just say that, both have a very important roles in life. Both are free choices and both are paradoxical. An ancient Sufi wisdom, taught us to use thoughts and beliefs to achieve chosen tasks. Then it will be time to discard that thought and move on. This is one of the reasons why we have beliefs. They are very useful and effective, if one knows how to use them. A simple role one can remember is to always stay away from defining things as (this or that). Knowing that, things change all the time. A certain belief or an identity might be true for sometime but after a while it will wear off and another belief will start emerging. Everything in life changes, except The Ultimate Source. Our essence remain intact for this earthly life and after that it finally rejoins with its source. This is one of the many faces to a polarity. Allow the soul to experience life as a scientist that never stops exploring. Because indeed life is a mysterious precious jewel is yet to be discovered.

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