All It Takes Is A Heart


The sea of life moves left and right,

in spirals and circles,

creating sorrow and miracles.

The sea of life has a climax and a bottomless end,

it’s hard to reach and hard to reconsider amends.

The sea of life is calm some days,

it sleeps other days, and ceases to move.

The sea of life, is full of wonders and gems,

full of excitement and danger, of monsters and angels,

with keys which you can be let in or turned away.

The sea of life flows inside a heart,

a heart is many seas on one land,

everything flows inside a man,

inside his veins, inside his hands.

The heart of a man, dull and pure,

hesitant and sure,

full and isolated,

warm and agitated,

confidant and scared,

ready and tired,

alone and wired.

One heart means the world,

one heart is one soul,

and one soul is more,

than any power or force.

A heart that’s pure is invincible,

inexplicable, incomprehensible, and unbelievable.

A heart that’s pure flows with the sea,

flows with lakes and oceans,

in the sea and from the sea.

A heart is all it takes,

to be alive and awake,

to be delighted and sad,

to be blessed and mad,

to be present and far,

to be truce and war.

In the heart there’s a mirror,

there’s terror, there’s retaliation,

there’s love and more love,

that would heal the world with reconciliation.

A heart is all it takes,

to be alive and awake.



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