“Surrender To Source” Meditation

This healing Meditation train the mind to develop trust with the universe and help letting go of matters out of our control. Through the act of “Surrendering To Source” a strong ground of Trust is being created at the subconscious. Once created naturally it starts manifesting in the real world around us. This Meditation reprogram […]

Creating Internal Change “I’m Changing To The Better”

This Meditation recreate a strong willed intention for change. Though change can be difficult sometimes, when the intention is made internally, it’s easier to manifest. Using the senses to affirm the same intention all at once, leads the wanted result. Change is the main step that has to be taken in order to enhance and […]

Heart Ziker – For all purpose Meditation

sufi meditation of the heart

Sufi Meditation Of The Heart When invoking the Highest Source, experience the feeling of humbleness and be ready to receive and connect with his ultimate peace. It is recommended that you wash your body before starting, as with a clean energy field it is easier to connect with no distractions. Your intention is highly important […]