Instant Connection To Truth and Peace

One of the common practices in the Sufilife is remembrance, I have talked about remembrance before and will still talk about it because it is a cornerstone of being a sufi. Times pass while one is trying to figure out what is life/happiness/calling and other impressions that is provoked in this realm, if one is […]

40 Day Retreat In A Sufi Manner

There are many things in the universe that are true without one acknowledging it consciously. One has a physical body and that is certain, but the senses do not provide accurate feedback.  Actions have consequences and that is true too. Thoughts, on the other hand, have the most impact on one’s life. True physical actions […]

The most powerful skill of the Mind


  Concentration has been used by many successful people to produce ideas, inventions and creative work. It is used in smaller life projects like washing a car, fixing a bulb light or cooking a successful meal. Concentration is the core of success. People who can do any job and succeed without previous experience, have great […]

The Seven Levels Of Self

Seven Levels of Self

Sufi 7 Levels of Self The Sufi has different methods and practices, different schools, and scholars. One thing that most Sufis know is the “nafs/self’ levels. Based on these levels the “Mureed” (Student) of Sufism will start his/her journey to the Most High. There are sub-levels and multiple branches but what we will highlight here […]