In a word that has letters, Letters that have vibration, A vibration tat has sound, A sound that has a meaning, A meaning that has a thought, A thought that has a form, A form that has a shape, a shape that has an image, an image that has colors, colors that have shades, shades […]

You Have My Cure

A minute can be long, can be prolonged, it can be an hour, it can be a space, it can be a race of unmovable stillness, a stillness required but not desired, it can be a pace that doesn’t want to leave, an ache that wants to weep, a face that doesn’t want to sleep, […]

Life is words and more words


It gets empty, it gets crowded, it gets easy, it gets tough, the same road we have taken, looks harder than before, and not enough. It gets bright, it gets dark, it gets random, like moths gathering over the light, it gets lonely, it gets fun, it gets tiring and we think we are done. […]

I Mind My Own Business

  I sit in my place, resting my mind, resting my face, waiting for no one to come, waiting for nothing to begin.   A bird crashes against my window, the sound shakes me up and I continue, I’m contemplating on this life, and on this moment of delight. A car stops at my front […]

We Wither Like Grass


  Vain is someone who hasn’t witnessed any form of  miracles, day by day, creations unfold in artistic and mysterious manners. Can you see? Can you tell? Can you feel what’s in your field?   This month is different and the same, many lives have already been forgotten, many souls have passed to heaven, many […]

kiss Me Right Between My Eyebrows

Am I your creature? did you forget about me, did you leave me alone with things which is yet to be, did you watch over my heart with silence and intent, and left me puzzled in a world full of contempt, did you put people in my path to teach me your lesson, and remove […]

Who knows the real from a surreal

At a dream we met, two souls are perfect, two spirits travel along, a mysterious realm of right and wrong, two powers, they endeavor, an unsolved puzzle with one another, two friends, we are, aren’t we, my friend? two enemies, we depart, both realities we bend. Who knows a dream is real? who knows the […]


sevenblessings a center

In the midst of stillness, there is a center, there is a creation, a free-gravitational point, you can not aim for it, it cant be pinned nor pursued, it can’t be seen or felt. It’s unknown, it’s unborn, it isn’t, but it is too. Something doesn’t exist, can exist when the time is true, when […]

Unlabel & Unname

  An echo returns my words, in a wet morning, under a shy sun, water creek running at the background, the trees are starting to yawn, short plants play hide and seek, a bird takes the stage, it sings a long historical story, a story, I know very well, I listen deeply, collective collaboration between […]

Random Private Conversation

    I know you and I don’t, I see you and I won’t, I hear you and I doubt, I feel you and I trust, show yourself to me, show me the many faces you have inside, show me the places you have occupied, I know you here but I don’t know you there, […]