Unlabel & Unname


  An echo returns my words, in a wet morning, under a shy sun, water creek running at the background, the trees are starting to yawn, short plants play hide and seek, a bird takes the stage, it sings a long historical story, a story, I know very well, I listen deeply, collective collaboration between […]

Random Private Conversation


    I know you and I don’t, I see you and I won’t, I hear you and I doubt, I feel you and I trust, show yourself to me, show me the many faces you have inside, show me the places you have occupied, I know you here but I don’t know you there, […]

All It Takes Is A Heart


The sea of life moves left and right, in spirals and circles, creating sorrow and miracles. The sea of life has a climax and a bottomless end, it’s hard to reach and hard to reconsider amends. The sea of life is calm some days, it sleeps other days, and ceases to move. The sea of […]

Trust More and Trust Sure

Have I been lost and didn’t know it, have I been sick and didn’t feel it, or angry and didn’t admit it, have I been myself, have I been Yours or other’s. My choices were random and inexplicable, I had my own understanding of life. I’v been taught and I’ve been shown things, but never […]

Life Repeats Its Cycle

Rain drops, wind blows and leaves fall, small seeds scattered on the land, crops grow by themselves, trees grow, plants grow, bees carry more seeds on their feet, the land is waiting, the land is open, trees roots extend to water creeks, and the whole scene repeats its rhythm.   tears drop, sigh blows and […]

How Similar Is A Creation To Itself?

Most people tend to emphasize differences. But to me, the concept of similarities has always been a great study for inspiration. Knowing that each creation is unique and sacred, each creation is also similar and alike. Isn’t that a polarity in itself? I see myself in all God’s creation. I like seeing myself in creatures […]

The Lord Is My Shepherd, I Shall Not Want


  This reflection is inspired by one of King David’s Psalms. It is the 23rd psalm of the Book of Psalms,”The Lord is my Shepherd. ” after a couple of days contemplating on the character of King David and his life’s events. He was a gentle and humble harp player as well as a courageous […]

Something Has Fallen From Above

  Fly! I fly between my wings, my soul is different than myself, I am the same of the different same, my spirit is different than myself. my soul has fallen to another realm, it’s been hidden and wants to connect, got used to this, but will never get used to this, It was taken […]

Language Is Short

sevenblessings a dream

  Language is short.   I am standing at the top of the hill, wind all over my face, I can hear the ocean waves, rumbling inside my ear. I am standing tall and still, I can see the blue particles of water and air, I can feel thousands of mermaids laughing at me, thousand […]

One Word Saved A stranger

  A conversation with a stranger:   I saw you and I thought we met before, your eyes, your face and something more, the silence in which you carried yourself, the type of words and clothing, you wore, at first I shied out, my eyes are hiding, from a look you had, fixed and bounding, […]