Express Your Thoughts Freely To Cure Anxiety

    It is fascinating how far technological inventions have come. One has better electronics, better jobs, easier lifestyles and other interests. Yet, one is less interested in how to create better sleep, better health or spiritual momentum. Electronic inventions make more money than spirituality. One occasionally hears about how radically things have changed. The […]

Acknowledging Polarity In Our Selves

In life, one tends to see things like a random incident, an action or a situation from an individual perspective. Most people see life’s events as ” this happened to me, that happened to me” not as ” I did this, I did that”.  Life’s unfolding events, are much deeper than one thinks. There are […]

Full Thought Cycle, The Incredible Force Of The Mind

Force Of The Mind

Waking up: Waking up from sleep is shifting from one state to another. That’s how waking up in life works, except one is already awake. Shifting from one state to another is a natural progress. What is unnatural is staying stuck in the same state for the rest of ones life. Staying the same, or […]

Negation & Affirmation Breath Journey

Negation & Affirmation Meditation

Negation & Affirmation Meditation This is the the journey the breath takes while doing the Negation & Affirmation Meditation. When doing this meditation for some time, your breath starts flowing by itself in a spiral motion. This journey takes place in the spiritual realm and that corresponds with the physical world. Because the breath is […]

Energy – The ultimate life form

Sufi Energy Healing

The Power Of Energy For centuries, spiritual energy knowledge was hidden intentionally from everyday normal people. Instead chemicals (“medicine”) were presented to everyone as magical healing solutions to increase energy and performance. Medicine was presented as the one and only method to take care of your body. Dependence on external substances eventually undermines the souls […]

“The Key Is Love” Love Interpretation By A sufi

The Key is Love

The Key is Love if you cant feel love the key is compassion The Key Is Love This was one of my Facebook posts. These short three sentences will save you the work a lifetime. It is knowledge within knowledge and polarity within polarity. The frequent Sufi mention of Love is not arbitrary or unintentional. […]

Your Relationship With Nature And Deep Contemplation

Nature and Deep Contemplation

Nature & Deep Contemplation We receive nature every day as part of our materialistic existence but nature was put in this universe to serve us. Nature was the Divine creation for our human race to live and survive. But the truth is that we rarely look at nature and its elements, and just like any […]

How to read your magnetic field

How to read your magnetic field

  Reading Your Magnetic Field Are you aware of your own magnetic field? I remember a time in which I noticed a lot of feathers around me. At first, I thought nothing of it but after some time, I noticed the re-emerging of a feather in different situations and places. I found one feather in […]

The knowledge behind the 4 elements of nature and its effect in our lives

4 Elements Nature & Their Effect on Us

The 4 Elements Of Nature When the Highest source created the Universe, he created the 4 elements of nature, the earth and sky for the human race, he also created the water for life to start. The whole of Creation was made for you. Like anything in life, everything has different dimensions. I will focus […]