sevenblessings a center


In the midst of stillness, there is a center,

there is a creation,

a free-gravitational point,

you can not aim for it,

it cant be pinned nor pursued,

it can’t be seen or felt.

It’s unknown,

it’s unborn,

it isn’t, but it is too.

Something doesn’t exist,

can exist when the time is true,

when walls are air,

when thoughts are bare,

no questions, no answers,

no sound to be heard,

all is quite and all is present,

a point that can’t be true,

unless you are true,

can’t manifest, unless you manifest.

In the midst of ciaos,

it emerges, it appears (i am),

i am aware of being unaware,

i am aware of being asleep,

i am aware of being, itself,

in me, i am aware.

I am trying to describe a point,

doesn’t exist in place nor time,

something isn’t real,

something can’t be revealed

it’s pointless to say: I’m trying to describe it.

Sit in yourself, sit comfortably alone,

be your flesh and bones,

sit in yourself, not in your mind,

be one and aligned,

gather your thoughts and release them,

gather your fragmented self,

bring back what you have denied,

your self, wants to reunite,

bring it home.


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