Connecting To Source

Source – We call it by different names, some are aware of it, some not. But even those not aware of it, subconsciously know it exists. It is important to get to know Source and learn how to connect to it, because you will understand why experiences, people and fortunes happen in your life. You also understand how all blessing and grace comes from one Source only, not from people. This course ‘Connect to Source’ is not about learning skills or learning about life. It is very personal and addresses only your relationship to your Creator. 

This Course was created because I have witnessed a lot of confusion and misunderstanding when it comes to Source as the Essence of all things. Source is always the same, but the way it is presented as an idea or concept always differs.  To take this Course, you must be deeply sincere in your quest. Even if you do not relate to some parts of it consciously, if you carry sincerity in your heart, the meaning of the Course will reveal itself in your every day life. We are focusing on the Soul as an essential element because each life journey is different and unique and every person is at a different level of Connecting to Source. At the beginning of this Course you invest effort in connecting intentionally and afterwards, Source connects to you effortlessly. 

Segments of “Connecting to Souce”

  • Intention (Video and Audio)
  • Intention Meditation (Audio)
  • Divine Quest (Video)
  • Higher Self (Audio)
  • Body Movement (Video)
  • Ya Hai Zeker (Audio)
  • Contemplation on Creation (Video)
  • Surrender (Video)


Not sure whether this Course if for you? Contemplate on the word “Source” for 15 days and the answer shall be revealed to you.


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