Do I know who I am?
Do I Know Who I Am?


Do I Know Who I Am?

All God’s creation is created for my progress. I develop and all creation develops too. I evolve and all creation evolves too.

My guides and mentors, I give full gratitude and acknowledgment to you.

The whole universe is my dear master. I continue to learn how to be a universe. I continue to follow my cosmic ancestors.

I was told that I am insignificant and my suffering is deserved. I was told that I am unimportant and my actions are void.

Who told me that?

“I told myself”

Have I gained knowledge through my pain or through my passion? I’m yet to know. I’m yet to perceive the un-perceivable.

Do you know who you are?

Do I know who I am?

I am the “one” creation that was given knowledge, intelligence and connection.

I am the one who lives now and ever.

I am an undefined invisible celestial force that builds and destroys.

The Beloved is my home. He empowered me to find out my eternal humble roots.

He inspired me to find him.

He wanted me to solve my riddle, un-cover my heart and open my attention.

He knows who I am. He knows I’m un-shaped, un-coloured, un-hidden and un-identified.

He connects to me through un-seen and un-said words.

I am a universe waiting to be responsible for my creation.

I created so much that I forgot what I’ve brought here and there.

I am yet to create and cease to create until the day I’m seen as the truth.

I am a set of brilliant architectural equations.

I develop and all creation develops too. I evolve and all creation evolves too.

I (here-now) am the universe that I’m running from.

I (here-now) am the world that I live in.

I (here-now) take full responsibility for my thoughts, words and actions.

I (here-now) create and dis-create all that I will experience, experience and have experienced.

I (here-now) am in love with the one and only glorious creator of me.

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