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The Power Of Energy

For centuries, spiritual energy knowledge was hidden intentionally from everyday normal people. Instead chemicals (“medicine”) were presented to everyone as magical healing solutions to increase energy and performance. Medicine was presented as the one and only method to take care of your body. Dependence on external substances eventually undermines the souls and body natural healing energy. This lack of spiritual understanding leads to an imbalance. Searching outside for answers instead of looking inside and acknowledging the power of energy became the norm when dealing with everyday life.

Have you ever wondered why wearing a brand new shirt always felt exciting? Or why sitting at the beach waves always felt liberating? Or why taking a short walk outside always felt elevating?


Energy can take different forms, similar to water. It can be frozen, boiling, steam and liquid. Liquid is the default form for water. Energy is just like this, except it’s transparent. Water takes on form, but energy flows freely. Everything in the world is energy. Thoughts are energy, feelings are energy, matter is energy, movement is energy. Words are energy. Ours soul is energy. Even what appears solid is nothing but a form of energy. Even empty space is filled with energy. To me personally, energy is a very exciting topic! And you know why? Because it is energy! Just mentioning the word energy gives me energy!

What do we need to understand about It?

These are the main points you need to understand about energy:

1-There are tow types of energy: Self-sustaining energy and Direct source energy.

2-Energy flows from Source to a smaller source.

(Understanding the previous sentence is very important, I will explain later why.)

3-We are not the only energy Beings.

4-Each atom, and everything on the planet is surrounded by it’s own self-sustaining energy field known as The Torus.

5-Energy always moving in a spiral motion.

6-Energy can be expanded and contracted.

7-There is positive and negative energy.

8-The nature of energy is flow.

9-Energy has to be directed and manged.

10-There are levels of energy.

Where does It come from?

The whole universe is from Him, in Him, with Him, through Him.
The world becomes a means to dive into the infinite ocean of Oneness.

– Ibn Arabi

Energy streams directly from the Highest Source. It streams from another realm, the purest realm. It gushes out in all directions and it dwells in our physical realm. Imagine the River of Life streaming from the highest heavens, directly from Source downward to our physical universe and many other universes and realms. This energy is the breath of life. It is what makes everything move and fly, what gives everything motion and sensation. It is how beings come alive. We are alive because of this tremendous Source breath. Even your own circular energy comes from the Highest Source. It is sustained around you but not by you.

How does energy work?

Energy always flows, no matter what happens. It also needs to be directed otherwise it will flow everywhere and that can be overwhelming and sometimes uncontrollable. You can clean and heal your own energy and that invites the flow of pure higher energy. It takes many forms but these are the main ones:

Flowing like rain: when it is allowed to be streamed directly from the Highest Source with no interruptions or resistance.

Contracted as in condensed: When it is stuck and unable to flow and it’s trying to flow and keeps bumping against a barrier. It shrinks, gets stale and heavy and can almost be touched.

Agitated as in sublimated: When it is unsettled and it is neither flowing nor blocked. It keeps bouncing back and forth between 2 things or beings.

Converted as in evaporated: When it’s absorbed and sucked to another direction. It is redirected and converted to a certain direction.

When energy is flowing:

Energy flows directly from The Highest Source. It can be transmitted freely through you. When this happens people receive it with wonder and joy. They start receiving your presence many times more than usual. You might not notice it because you are busy having fun, but you will notice its effect on people around you. They will start gathering around you or even following you. They dont know what it is, all they know is they feel AMAZING around you, they feel important and at ease. You will notice you accomplish things in no time, and some things will be accomplished themselves. Your mere presence is enough to make everything go smoothly. As you allow this creative power to flow through you, people, animals, children and even objects will move, work, run smoothly and happily. You feel the urge to create, you may start writing, lecturing, teaching or even dancing, however all these activities have one thing in common: saving and helping humanity in general. In this state, you can get two fighting opponents to get along peacefully, you are able to create harmony between adversaries. You experience miracles and paranormal events. You can heal your self and others. When energy flows it means your are being, not thinking. You are fully present. Your whole mind,body,heart and soul are aligned. The flow is an indication that you are at your highest self and are a mini source. You inspire people and your positive effect is way more than you can imagine. Every soul is a mini source but that’s only when you acknowledge the main and ultimate Source of all life – God.

This is the state of prophets and mystic teachers who gave their lives to improve the human race. The important thing here is, these teachers had this state all the time, some of them had it for some period of time yet it was enough to improve much more than their own circle of friends and family. This state takes focus, determination and selfless love. It’s related to how you feel, what you think and what you want. And since it’s directly transmitted, it is pleasant and its naturally flows wherever its needed. It is a state of harmony and beauty, highlighted by unconditional love and gratitude for all.

The good news is you can reach this state!  It could be for a very short period of time but it is possible. It’s possible because you are a mini source and in order to activate being a mini source, you will have to acknowledge the main Source. It is also possible because energy was created for us as human beings. Moreover, to enjoy that flow of energy, your heart has to be pure from negative feelings such as envy, jealousy or selfishness. On the contrary, you will rarely remember your self, you will rarely remember your needs or desires. All that occupies your heart is service, truth and the love of God. The flow of energy streams only from a pure soul. Knowing how fast people change, you can imagine that in one moment in your life when your soul was the purest, you might have experienced the direct energy flow when things suddenly went smooth, without interruptions. However, if you are far from spirituality and have lots of un-happy negative thoughts, it is rare.

When It’s contracted:

You know how it feels when you enter an elevator sometime? Energy may be stuck, it can’t flow. And when it can’t flow, there’s a problem. Energy can be contracted by fear. Fear thoughts, words and actions reduce your energy. Fear is the prominent enemy of energy. You know why? Because fear is is nothing but negative energy Beings. So when you are afraid, negative Beings arrive and feed from your energy. That’s why your positive energy starts shrinking and leaving. Energy is also contracted in the presence of negative beings. You will notice your energy drop and you feel threatened. Unless you know how to deal with bad energy, I suggest you leave the place as soon as possible. And if it happens in your house, then prayers and good intentions are your way around it. You can see, when people are extremely afraid, they freeze. Even if they want to move, it gets hard just to do a small movement. In this state, energy is contracted and it gets heavy and performing one simple task appears challenging to the whole body. Stagnant energy will manifest as illness or disease if suppressed. Some cancer patients who have no family related cancer history experience stagnant energy for a very long time when energy finally finds its way out and flows as illness in the physical body. As I mentioned before, the nature of energy is flow. It will always flow no matter where, who and when. Physical exercises are healthy because energy gets released. The body feels relief and lightness afterwards. Any intentional movement helps releasing the energy, especially spiral movement. You can feel energy contracted when there is tension and non-compatible field. It shrinks and people become small literally. Know that anything holds back the flow of energy is negative. Letting go of emotional past thoughts is always a good approach to release energy. Painful memories is another trap for energy. Being your authentic self fully frees your energy naturally.Whenever lies exist,energy is trapped by the barrier the lie creates. Every time, real feelings and thoughts are not being expressed freely with a light heart, energy bars and walls are being created. The Soul is being trapped by its own prison.

When It’s agitated:

Have you ever seen a boxing match? Two opponents are attacking each other back and forth. That’s exactly what agitated energy looks like. It is trapped between two people bouncing back and forth. Neither can break the rules of the match and wipe out the other opponent. Why? because it is not allowed. So energy is bouncing back and forth and that’s what creates the entertainment of the match. This can also happen between two happy people. They can be friends, lovers, couples or simply strangers. The energy bounces back and forth between them and they stay in a high state. When energy is agitated, it doesn’t necessary mean negative. Friends who know each other for sometime, can spend days together before they get tired. The energy stays there, alive, fresh and self-generated. Usually, you can keep bouncing energy for three days or so. After that, energy needs to be generated. When energy is active, it flows from one person only. This person will try to find anyone who bounces it back at him. You can see that sometimes in the subway, when one individual is singing loud or laughing hard and desperately looking for some stranger to – make eye contact- bounce back his energy. You see when fights start, people who are there to help are suddenly enveloped and start fighting. They take it from another person and they attack someone else. I personally avoid bouncing energy and I do it only when there’s a social context. I stay centered in my soul. The reason why I avoid that is because people have expectations. They will expect you to always play ball next time and every time.

Most skills and talents work with agitated energy. It takes two to bounce a ball. Student/teacher, player/coach, employee/manger, child/parent, customer/seller etc.. When we talk about group games, the energy is being bounced over and over between different people as in soccer, football, rugby and many others. What you need to know about this is that without someone else, bouncing it back at you, energy can get exhausting. Its more flowing between two or more people. If you find your energy agitated and want it to calm down, you can slow down your movement and watch your breath. A lot of people who go back home after a long active day, find it hard to unwind from the agitated state. They can’t sleep or just simply relax in silence. In this case I suggest meditation. The mind is drowning with a thousand thoughts and your way out of that is meditation. In this case you tend to multi-task but it is hard to focus mentally on one single task. That’s why I suggest meditation. It is a very small and simple task the mind will undertake in order to release its own state.

When It’s converted:

Negative energy feeds on positive energy. This an energy law. Watch out for people with negative emotional energy. It will start as an innocent chat and end when all your energy is gone. You feel tired and unfocused. Remember that energy is a very powerful force. People use it for their own different reasons. Some are aware of it and most are not. Energy an also be directed when you lose hope or ambition. Your good energy starts trickling and it turns to negativity. When we are disappointed, shocked or even surprised, energy is being converted. It is always easy to turn energy from positive to negative and hard to turn it from negative to positive.

To redirect energy from negative to positive, you need more that thoughts. You need action. Doing positive actions can convert negative energy. One act of kindness instantly changes your energy. Any good action done without expectations fills you with positive energy. Focusing on your goals and interests give you energy. Then anything excites you energizes you. While anything that bores you depletes your energy. Focusing on problems and worries especially if they are not yours, drain your energy. Lying on the other hand, is an energy killer. Because a lie is formed on false information, it is full of negativity. Even if the intention behind it is good. A lie stays a lie. Lies disconnect your from your own soul and open up an invitation to attack by negative energies. Shaykh Abdul Qadir Jilani said: “Exit the lie (Zur).. Enter the light (Nûr).

If you think you can lie and still be happy, check how you feel at the end of the day. Constant lying creates a field of negative energies around you. You drag these energies with your wherever you go. You cant see it. But you can feel it and it starts effecting every action you do. Then you wonder why you have bad luck! The same thing happens when you have a secret relationship and mix energy with some random person. Their negative bad energies get stuck to your field and you carry that everywhere. All religious teachings tell us about lying, stealing, infidelity and killing. The effect of these actions is far more harmful than the action itself. These bad energies will attach to you and live with you. Good thoughts keep your energy pure. Even if you are faced with threatening energies or situations. A good thought creates a protecting energy field around you. And guess what a bad thought does?

General habits to keep your self-sustaining energy clean and positive:

-Take a shower everyday – if you are outside then wash your hands, face and feet at least.

-Meditate or sit in silence.

-Pray focusing on gratitude and good blessings.

-Don’t get emotionally invested in other people’s stories.

-Be conscious of your thoughts and choose wisely.

-Allow energy to be released by physical work and exercises.

-Don’t take praise and criticism to heart. Stay centered.

-Let go of emotional pain and pride. Forgive.

Notes on sacred direct energy flow:

-Trust the Highest Source.

-Be an example of goodness and kindness.

-Practice Gratitude and Compassion everyday.

-Take responsibility of your life and your surroundings.

-Stay true to yourself and others.

-Trust your intuition.

If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.

– Nikola Tesla

Emphasized “the unity of being”
All being are in reality
Manifestations of God’s attributes
If God alone really is,
Then all ways ultimately leads to him– Ibn Arabi

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