For the Love of Life’s sake
For the Love of Life's sake


For the Love of Life’s sake

Thousands of questions I had for you,

right or wrong, evil or true.

Questions of how to live life,

to live by the vow or stick and knife.

Questions of purity being abused,

long term experience no longer proved.

Questions of time and its misleading,

living in past and future readings.

Questions of love or call it appreciation,

protecting the dove form challenging deviation.

Questions of truth and how we relate it,

to everything we do, do we create it?

Questions of heart, wisdom and integrity,

keeping balance and forming regularity .

Questions of how far can we go,

the road is endless with options more than you know.

Questions of peace, connection and union,

lost ones and apart, seek answers and communion.

Questions of great, glorious, God-given silence,

when the time is rough and the language is violence.

Questions of life cycle, where do we stand?

our presence is vital, the plan is grand.

Questions of living The Divine’s message and call,

Do we have a chance? Do we compromise and fall?

Questions of how much am I willing to give,

in order to restore my Soul and in tranquilly live.

Questions of moments of doubts and uncertainty,

when things are bizarre and full of unexplained absurdity.

Questions of enemies, friends and family,

the difference is a thin line possibly.

Questions of I, me and myself,

three components of failure and wealth.

Questions I want to be answered now,

the answer is living along the word “how”.

How, my friend is just a human curiosity,

knowing everything is another human philosophy.

Do I really need to know this now,

do I really need to be shown how.

How boring life can be if I know all that,

before hand, I’m on command to teach all that.

If you know what I mean, It’s ridiculous and atrocious,

to design what you already know and experience the process.

Excitement and passion are born with exploration,

if you think, you already know life, observe your application.

Everything changes and we can’t grasp it,

We couldn’t help but grab it and attach to it.

Time is passing and life is short,

to get answers for all those things and sorts.

Life is just life, that what it’s called,

you live and die, afraid or bold.

Life isn’t about what happens tomorrow,

it’s also nothing about past memories and sorrow.

Questions will always arise if you’re awake,

and if you’re asleep, wake up, for the love of life’s sake.

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