Full Thought Cycle, The Incredible Force Of The Mind
Force Of The Mind


Waking up:

Waking up from sleep is shifting from one state to another. That’s how waking up in life works, except one is already awake. Shifting from one state to another is a natural progress. What is unnatural is staying stuck in the same state for the rest of ones life. Staying the same, or what it might appear to be the same. A universal quality of life is that everything changes. Things go through a cycle of life. There’s an end and there’s a beginning. However, there is truth. Truth never changes. A soul is truth. That is the inner deep part that communicates behind a veil.


Waking up is illuminating. It clears the fog from an idea. Now it is obvious. Now one understands what is happening. Therefore, one realizes what was hidden before. All life is a big field of masks and veils. Except that it is inside not outside. After waking up comes reflecting on ones action. Acknowledging the consequence of an idea, of an action. Reflecting on how to act better next time. Reflecting on how to take the same action in a different manner, time or place. Coming from a place where ones assesses the given information about this idea and then acting upon that.


In many occasions, one thinks about the reason why something happens. On some occasions, one doesn’t really care. At this stage, one wants to repent or perhaps confess the wrong that has been done. If this step is ignored, one remains living in guilt and self oppression. A feeling that will stay alive for as long as it needs. Unless one takes the courage to confess. Confess to oneself or others. The feeling is released.


If the feeling of guilt remains, one self starts judging. The judgement can be positive or negative. The self judges the self. That creates more guilt and fear. In the case of positive judgement, it creates pride which is another face of fear. This is the job of the self, it judges its own and others. It is a voice that turns to a feeling. A feeling that provokes resistance.


The self remembers what happens in the past when it experiences the same situation. However, it tries to act differently this time to get another result. Sometimes, one remembers to do that and most of the times one forgets. Because one forgets, it remembers. At this stage, remembering is required till one builds a habit of how to act in a specific situation or idea. The moment the habit is built, one stops remembering and acts naturally till the next idea shows up.


The substitute action is maintained when remembered. Maintaining a certain action takes willpower. That is how one changes. The self forgets and goes back to its old habit. One stays alert and conscious for when the substitute action is required. Maintaining an action creates momentum and momentum creates stability in one. Maintaining an action for some time creates a habit. A habit is an energy that remains around for a while. A habit is usually created unconsciously. In this case, it is conscious. The self is used to habits. It wants to rest in a habit. While the Soul is creative, conscious and active. It acts differently depending on the situation. Having a habit can tell ones interests.

Taming (sporting):

Training ones self to do an action is like training to be good in a sport. This is the Soul role. It trains the self because the self is untamed. The Soul comes from a higher universal loving perspective. It already knows what is good and what is bad. It elevates and elevates everything around it. Sporting is initiating an intention to do an action. It is the thought one has, right before doing something. Thinking over something one has already decided, is negative. It is a form of stalling. The self will try to come up with excuses and reasons why not to do it this time. Taming is doing the same action over and over. Even when creating a habit, sometimes, one forgets and goes back to old or sudden behavior.

You have just read a detailed analysis of something that normally happens in a split second. The mind goes through this cycle over and over again. On everything and on nothing. A force that can’t be stopped but rather trained and filtered. The last tow stages “Maintaining and Taming” is taken only by willed people. People who are conscious and aware. And a very less fortunate self cycle will only stop at stage four ” judging”. Creating this cycle over and over and living in constant anxiety.


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