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Heart Ziker – For all purpose Meditation

When invoking the Highest Source, experience the feeling of humbleness and be ready to receive and connect with his ultimate peace. It is recommended that you wash your body before starting, as with a clean energy field it is easier to connect with no distractions. Your intention is highly important before starting the process, remembering that attention also has a strong effecting energy field will help to get the most of this meditation. These 2 names are used in particular to feel oneness with The Most High.

To summarize before starting the (Ziker) remembrance meditation.

1- Wash your body with water (if you can’t then just wash hands, feet, and face)

2- Make a true intention of connecting to the Highest Source (The Beloved)

3- Feel the space and peace of the idea that you are invoking The Divine into your presence.


The practice:

Sit comfortably, relax your body

observe your breath, observe for 2 minutes or so

observe your body, observe for 2 minutes or so

observe your thoughts, observe for 2 minutes or so

observe your heart (the left side of your chest), observe for 2 minutes or so

put your attention to your heart, listen to your heartbeats

inhale saying Rahman (the One Whose attribute is mercy)

exhale saying Raheem (the One Who bestows His mercy)

feel The Divine within your heart

repeat the breathing Ziker while your attention is to your heart.

repeat for 15-25 minutes

Acknowledge and give gratitude, close the practice.

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