How Similar Is A Creation To Itself?


Most people tend to emphasize differences. But to me, the concept of similarities has always been a great study for inspiration. Knowing that each creation is unique and sacred, each creation is also similar and alike. Isn’t that a polarity in itself?

I see myself in all God’s creation. I like seeing myself in creatures other than people because these ones don’t live in the past or future. They live only the present. Also, these creatures are always provided for and taken care of. The only Creator provides for everyone and everything. In other words, their absolute trust to be OK, no matter what the circumstances are, is respectable and magnificent. That’s how I see myself one with creation. A creation that has always been provided for and taken care of no matter what. A creation that survived through good and bad times. That shows its value and importance.


How similar Am I to my self?

How similar Am I to a plant?

That tries to grow from a random seed,

thrown in the dirt between the fields,

with lack of water and fearless wind,

a plant is grown against all odds.

A rain drop here and there, it grows,

sun rays reach to it, it grows,

the giant trees exchange water through their roots under this plant,

the plant grows roots, it reaches to them,

a plant is grown against all odds.

Cold weather arrives and strips its leaves,

standing naked in cold wind and snow,

standing strong holding to its roots,

its roots, are long deep in the soil, the plant’s home.

Summer arrives, and it grows new flowers,

it blossoms for a while and then,

the drought takes out the water power,

from a plant that’s grown against all odds.

The flowers are gone now, followed by the leaves,

they fell one by one,

the stem is dry with an increasing heat,

coming directly from the sun.

Hours and days, nights and seasons,

all, are made for this plant.

A plant is grown against all odds,

for it was touched by the Upper Hand.


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