How to read your magnetic field
How to read your magnetic field



Reading Your Magnetic Field

Are you aware of your own magnetic field? I remember a time in which I noticed a lot of feathers around me. At first, I thought nothing of it but after some time, I noticed the re-emerging of a feather in different situations and places. I found one feather in my bedroom, at work, in my prayer room, in my car etc. Below we will discuss how to read your magnetic field.

Each feather was tiny as if from a small bird, I think there might be more but I hadn’t been paying much attention because I was having hard times and was conflicted on an issue in my life. It was a challenging phase of my life in which I said a lot of prayers and meditations. My mind was occupied while seeing these feathers everywhere and I didn’t know what to make of it. After a couple of long months, my issue solved. In a still-mind state I remembered the feathers and realized it was attracted by my magnetic field and energy level. There was a presence around me at that time and the feather sighting meant a couple of things:

Feathers are a symbol of fertility as we see in many old tribes. The act of attaching feathers to oneself, animals, plants is a ceremonial action that sets an intention for growth and abundance.  

Feathers are a symbol of the heavens. Feathers have been released from the heavy burdens of the world. So to have our loved ones no longer living on this earth with us. Feathers, as the soul, are no longer bound by the world’s gravity – they are free to ascend.

Feathers are a symbol of faith and protection. When you find feathers in peculiar locations the message is especially significant. This is often just to reassure you that your angels are around you, working with you, and answering your prayers.

These are the most common meanings of feathers sightings, to me personally after looking back at my situation and the challenge I had, I know for sure that they were around me for faith and protection. The Beloved, The highest source was assuring me to stay faithful, telling me that this cloud will pass with time and the storm shall come to an end. 

Using Symbolism

Through symbolism is how to read your magnetic field, When your magnetic field is activated and energized, it communicates that with symbolism. Your thoughts and behavior are the reason why things happen and events unfold in your field. Sometimes, people appear in your life at a specific time. Symbols like feathers are most important when they are meaningful to the person who receives them, especially if you have been praying and meditating on certain subject in your life. The energy behind your focus and prayer is not wasted, it expands and there will be an outcome for sure, if not on the physical then in the spiritual world which is even better.

Understanding Your Symbols

Symbols are only as important as they are to the person experiencing them. Meaning, what it means to you is always the most important, not what another teacher or friend tells you it should mean. It is a spiritual symbol, saying that it was made uniquely for you, a private massage from The highest source and you are the only one who can understand it. Remember every persons life is different than any other. It is a sacred experience.

When you understand the symbol, that doesn’t mean to stop praying or meditating, resting on your quest, or giving up. How to read your magnetic field is all about being knowledgeable of what happens around you, knowing how it started and how it ended puts you in a high energetic level and allows you to be in harmony with what goes on in your own personal life. Understanding why things happen, gives us a bigger picture of our own world.

Keep connecting to the highest source as it is in advance assurance to let you know that he is with you always and forever. He longs to connect with you and awaits that. You are the door, you can be open to the blessings of heart knowledge or you can just be closed and unaware.

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