I am Hayfa Rahbanni

I am Hayfa Rahbanni, a follower of the Sufi path, a researcher and a writer.  I have been immersed in Sufism since 2014. I was born in a Muslim environment and have always searched for the higher truth. I was born a lover. I always believed that a Soul can experience the Beloved directly without any mediums or conditions. I believe in wonders and miracles and that’s a significant part of my path. Sometime we don’t believe in something until someone else tells us it is true. I’ve personally witnessed love and grace manifested and every experience was intimate and life changing. It is important to share the true knowledge and wisdom of the Sufi lifestyle and practice. It is important to know you are already complete and divine. The Soul as the essence of a human being is what I focus on. I gently hold the Sufi practices in my heart and give just a little more every time when people are ready.

Your life is a journey to find who you are and where you come from. 

With love and peace