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I am Hayfa Rahbanni

I’m a follower of the Sufi path, actor and writer.  I have been immersed in Sufism since 2014. I was born in a Muslim environment and have always searched for more than the normal Islamic teachings. I always believed that humans can be lively at one with the Beloved. I believe in wonders and miracles and that’s a significant part of my teachings. Sometime we don’t believe in something until someone else tells us it is true. I’ve personally witnessed miracles and beautiful reality alterations and every experience was very personal and life changing.  I kept all these teachings private and didn’t think it is OK to make it public because it’s so sacred to me until one night I had my calling.  I had the sign that it is now time to share the knowledge and wisdom of the Sufi lifestyle and practice.

My journey with Conscious Movement started in 2018, I attended a movement class, that’s where I started wondering. I have always been a yoga student but movement was something else. It was the extra that I was looking for. Now having a 200+hour  Meditation and Yoga Instructor Training makes me humbled to represent the Sufi teachings with  Conscious Movement. Years of acting training have taught me that I had been unaware of many of my body movements and what they show about my subconscious mind. What I do is the ultimate heart-mind experience to awaken and practice. It has never been done this way. As Sufi believe that each individual’s journey is personal , I pour some of these universal beliefs inside the Conscious Movement cup. 

The Soul as the essence of a human being is what I focus on when doing movements, you will experience energy expanding and heart relief. People who have had trauma also release their emotional and physical blocks. Most importantly, some people don’t even know that they have trauma or energy blocks. Certain negative events keep recurring in their lives and they don’t know why.

These workshops will make you see life in different ways, will open up locked doors and skills. I gently hold the Sufi practices in my heart and give just a little more every time people are ready and aiming for their higher self. Come and share with me these great teachings in the form of conscious deliberate body movement.

Stay Blessed