Welcome to SevenBlessings

They call me Nora Rahbanni, a follower of the Sufi path, a researcher, meditation trainer and a writer. I have been immersed in Sufism since 2008. Finding mystical truth has been an extraordinary quest. The soul can experience the Beloved directly without intermediates or conditions. A connected spirit is what it takes to be alive. I believe in miracles as a significant part of this path, and observing the language of Source through symbolism. Witnessing love and grace manifested is illuminating and every experience is intimately life changing. This is to share the true knowledge and wisdom of the Sufi lifestyle and practice. We are already complete and divine. The Soul as essence is my focus. I gently hold the Sufi practices in my heart and give just a little more each time the seeker is ready.

Life is a journey to find who we are and where we come from. 

May love be your guide and peace be your friend.