I am the scene, I am
I Am The Scene


In it and out,

off it and about.

The water is soundless, the light is ready, the trees are watching, the scene is set.

Stillness falls down slowly and gently. Time is irrelevant.

Distant fireworks crack interrupting the steadiness of the surrounding field.

I hear your voice in the dim of silence,

hundreds of words stare eyeless,

thunderstorm struck in my chest,

drums send gravitational rhythm to the depth.

I am here.

I am the night, I am.

I am the silence, I am.

I am the scene, I am.

The deaf water and the blind air, I am.

I laugh and mutter words unknown to me.

I said a feeling not a word.

I didn’t know words.


Lift me up,

let me freeze between the clouds,

my heart bounces proud,

pull me through pillows of whiteness and richness,

let me disappear and fade.

I am the one of white,

I embrace the fight.

I give in my senses and open up the gates,

flow through my consciousness, emptiness and wholeness,

There is a flow that blends with my soul,

keep out and come in,

all in all.


What is it with this life we still living?

despite it all we are giving,

we give a piece and sometimes

we say please.

Now we want more,

we expect to take.

Taking and giving,

living and living.

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  1. I just wanted to take a moment to say thank you for sharing this Devine Wisdom.
    For all that I Am, I Am.

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