I know you are my Lover
I Know You Are My Lover



The birds told me that you are there,

they sang back and forth and flew at the same time.

The day was at the end,

the sun was setting,

my heart was beating fast

because I knew you were here.

You are here,

You were there,

You were everywhere,

all at the same time.

All at the same place.

Time melted,

places dissolved.

Then I had a thought,

if you are here,

I am here.

If you are there,

I am there.

If you are everywhere,

I am everywhere.

You just are,

and I just am.

We are friends and lovers,

we knew each other.

I hear your voice inside my heart,

I see you in every delicate living being.

I searched for you and yet you were here,

I thought I new,

I thought the truth is clear.

The day was at the end,

the sun was setting,

my heart is beating fast,

Because I know you are my lover.

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