I play with you and you play with me
I play with you and you play with me


I play with you and you play with me

Are you playing with me?

or Am I playing with you?

We swing in magnificent spirals,

you gave me a name and I gave you a title.

What we have done is gone,

what we have planned is fun.

We expand in mystic trilogy,

You, Me and Thee.

I play with you and you play with me.

As they say, it takes two to play,

different or same, it’s part of the game.

Pulling the world inside,

pushing the world aside.

A life song starts when you just “be”.

The rhythm alluring, with one word, it starts,

I’m singing and adjourning till I get some parts.

I forget sometimes that we are playing,

I get lonely and sad, no attention, I’m paying.

One, three, five , seven, I have arrived at the game,

I count my blessings, that’s how I start again.

I’m never alone, you are here with me,

My heart bursts and soul since I learned to be.

A song is sung, a heart is flung,

bear patience my dear friend,

the pain is stung and spring has sprung,

Time will heal and mend.

Birds in flocks, times in clocks,

cats at doors, rains and pours,

Choose: ascend or descend.

Life awaits no one,

keep up with the cycle.

Observe carefully and watch,

how the world re-cycle.

(History repeats itself),

they say it, in every class,

books aligned on the shelf,

be the change or re-pass.

I play with you and you play with me,

no winners or losers in this game,

Do you agree?

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