Inside-out birth
Inside-Out Birth


I – feel- am

I – you – am

I – heart- am

I am to infinity

I am to invincibility

I am to eternity

I am to possibility

I am now – I am now

The love re-creates me

The love re-creates am

The love is the Divine

The love me

The love am

I am – I create

I am – I initiate

I am – I originate

I am on the palm of his hand

I am a word I understand

I am within I am

I am living – I living am

Being I’m – I’m being

I re-create myself – I re-create I am

I re-create self – I re-create am

I re-create now

I – new

I – who

I re-create a word

I re-create the world

I am out of time,

I am out of space,

I am out of line,

I am out of pace.

I am bound to am,

I am this here,

I am bound to am,

I am this sphere.

Round, I emerge,

inside-out birth,

real or not my name,

I am just the same.

Nothing exists but I

Nothing knows why

Nothing is I

Nothing stands by.

Eye of a vortex,

lack proper context,

Center of the storm,

it is the “I” home.

Go back home now – go back home

Live life where you belong.

Live life where you able to see,

all the “I'”s inside me,

Live a life where you able to be,

any experience you want to be.

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