kiss Me Right Between My Eyebrows


Am I your creature?

did you forget about me,

did you leave me alone with things which is yet to be,

did you watch over my heart with silence and intent,

and left me puzzled in a world full of contempt,

did you put people in my path to teach me your lesson,

and remove some away who abused your blessing,

did you support me through even though I didn’t know,

that it was you who protected my door,

did you bless me with a mind that surpasses everything,

and with a mind a body that’s slow and caught up by doing,

was that you who looked after me and stayed hidden,

was it you who called my name and kept me searching and looking,

I’m not perfect, my will sometimes can be weak, just like my heart which is strong,

beats every minutes and week by week,

you keep me alive whether I like it or not,

my breath keeps happening in a cold day or hot,

my spirit still lives in wakefulness and sleep,

my spirit still lives through laughter and the weep,

my memory lives forever as far as I remember,

my heart is fierce and also tender,

you created me the way you wanted,

you gave me eyes to see what you’ve sculptured.


Hold me tight, hug me through,

kiss me right between my eyebrows,

look at me, I’m your creation,

love me and caress me,

with love, passion and patience.

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