Life is words and more words


It gets empty, it gets crowded,

it gets easy, it gets tough,

the same road we have taken,

looks harder than before, and not enough.

It gets bright, it gets dark,

it gets random, like moths gathering over the light,

it gets lonely, it gets fun,

it gets tiring and we think we are done.

It gets calm, it gets busy,

it gets smooth and it gets dizzy,

it gets rude, it gets funny,

it gets quiet, it gets sickening with big mouths,

they talk about insignificant things loud.

It gets down to one or two people,

they know us and we know them,

it gets narrowed and filtered and shaped,

with old age, we see through the unknown and the deep.

The older we get, we turn green, in heart we soften,

the more we have seen,

our bodies get rusty, our minds get fixed,

and we see life as we have experienced and that’s it.

We see things loaded with prejudice,

as we always do after the first experience,

we had opinions and opinions have changed,

the train of time passes,

we have grown a lot since yesterday,

or did we really have grown at all?

What is growth and does it come with suffering?

What is suffering, and what are we not offering?

A circle of fortunate events collides,

events that circle its own source twice,

events we have chosen and some we haven’t,

events we have avoided manifested themselves.

Oh, the road is long, I’ll need a friend,

to talk to and complain about life and its ends,

let’s talk about it more and hear me out,

like you’ve always done, no doubt,

stay with me, I’ll need to lay my head on you,

I’ll need to lay my old feet which used to be new,

my friend and companion, let’s talk about it,

maybe life is nothing but words, and it’s easy to have it.


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