Negation & Affirmation Breath Journey
Negation & Affirmation Meditation


Negation & Affirmation Meditation

This is the the journey the breath takes while doing the Negation & Affirmation Meditation. When doing this meditation for some time, your breath starts flowing by itself in a spiral motion. This journey takes place in the spiritual realm and that corresponds with the physical world. Because the breath is intentional in the meditation, it takes a conscious specific path within and around the Soul.The Negation & Affirmation sentence leads the direction of breath. Focusing on the highest spiritual realms, enhance the quality of the breath, breath energy and your state of being. It starts from the root of the spine(Ego) pushing up to the middle of the Soul center (Secret), ascending higher through the top of the head (unseen), and even higher, touching beyond the realm of human knowledge (unknown), finally flowing down after being cleansed and healed in the pure realms, to the right side of the chest (Soul), taking a round turn to the left side of the chest (heart) and down again to redo the spiral movement over and over. Some mystics say the the chest area (soul-secret-heart) all exist in the same place, the difference is in the motion of the circular breath only. The breath is being cleansed over and over in a tremendous spiritual spiral  journey leaving one centered, focused and a live.

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