Random Private Conversation




I know you and I don’t,

I see you and I won’t,

I hear you and I doubt,

I feel you and I trust,

show yourself to me,

show me the many faces you have inside,

show me the places you have occupied,

I know you here but I don’t know you there,

the truth although one, has different affairs,

am I crazy for not knowing,

myself at all, I’m not showing,

reveal yourself, away with concealing,

reveal the madness of proper behaving,

reveal the lunatic heart that sings loud,

wants to fall apart and wants to be renowned,

I ask myself in a private conversation,

“how about we gather for remuneration,

how about we make up and untie,

live together like everyone alike,

I have a suggestion, let’s be just friends,

isn’t that easier my heart, no offense”,

myself asks me: “who am I to decide,

on how we should live together and fortified”,

myself wants to know: “how dare I claim,

I know the best for both, the gamers and the game”,

it’s enough now, both of you at once,

let’s live in peace, self, mind and pulse,

oh wait “who’s speaking now, I lost count,

how many voices here and around”,

this sounds like a funny silly joke,

between the mind, the heart, and the folk,

I am not sure anymore, who is right here,

I do love them all, my friends and peers,

have I gone made negotiating with myself,

have I not had enough resist and rest,

I thought we’re supposed to have duality,

another opponent is good for formality,

another perspective is good for growing,

another self keeps it alive and under revision,

it doesn’t end, this thing, this polarity,

it is a part of life’s reality/ unreality,

“life isn’t this, that’s a momentary notice,

wait till you transcend to the next life like an apprentice”

alright, I am listening to all of you at once,

you get to talk, have various lenses,

you get to express whatever you like,

no resistance, I have, no remorse or fight,

I listen and observe, as I’m out,

I blend and preserve a still voice in a shout,

I am not “I”, that’s a fact to be learned,

“I” equals a life, a breath in return,

“I” isn’t reality, neither “you” or “self”,

it does exist but it doesn’t at depth,

these voices are a village of colorful impressions,

these characters are equated to thoughts of collision,

my life as I say “my life” is a sign,

my self as I say “myself” isn’t mine,

Nothingness remains at the end of it,

grasp the nothingness inside and be out of it.

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