Something Has Fallen From Above




I fly between my wings,

my soul is different than myself,

I am the same of the different same,

my spirit is different than myself.

my soul has fallen to another realm,

it’s been hidden and wants to connect,

got used to this, but will never get used to this,

It was taken from its home, to a very distant world,

it sings, it cries and it is full of love,

it can’t be seen, it has a form of a star,

it is a secret can’t be revealed,

it is hard to be found,

profound yet bound,

it disappears and reappears.

Fly now! I say,

fly and take me in,

fly now! don’t look back,

to the world we live in.

“My wings have been tangled with your desires,

I can no more fly light and away,

time has passed by and my light is buried,

let me go, I need not to stay,

I try to meet you but you are out,

talk to you within your heart,

you leave me alone with thoughts and doubts,

I am weakened, we are left apart.”

Talk to me, oh my dear Soul,

talk to me and let’s be bold,

I left you, I hurt you, I beg you and I am human,

I am of a man,

talk to me and forgive me,

the cage is too tight for your greatness,

for your innocence and patience.

In my chest cage,

something has fallen from above,

something brave,

and it has been there ever since.



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