Son: I want to be a dad when I grow up.

Mom: How so?

Son: I want to grow tall and be strong.

Mom: Why do you want to be like that?

Son: Because I’m small and weak.

Mom: Maybe so but you are innocent too.


The Tree said to the flower: I am bigger.

The flower said to the tree: I am smaller.


The kid: I am faster than you!

The other kid: I am faster than you!

The kid: I am faster than light speed.

The other kid: Really?

The kid: 

the other kid: Why don’t you answer.

The kid: You missed my answer.

Peanut butter

The peanut butter jar: Here I am.

The man: There you are!



The rock: You will not change my mind.

The water: I’ll come again tomorrow.


The wife: I dreamed of you.

The husband: I am here and I am real.

The wife: You were a dream.

The husband: I was?

The wife: You were.

The husband: Perhaps I was.

The wife: You are.


The girl: Would you like the usual?

The boy: No.

The girl: No black coffee?

The boy: I like tea now.


The man: When I was young I used to play games.

The woman: And now?

The man: I just play.


The stranger: Have we met before?

The man: I don’t think so.

The stranger: We both entered the room at the exact time?

The man: I know.

The stranger: We are meeting now

The man: Yes, we are.



The woman: Where are we going?

The man: To the shop, I told you about.

The woman: I don’t see any shops here.

The man: It is there.


The woman: I have sadness in my heart.

The sky: Look at me.

The woman looks at the sky.



The boy: I found a treasure!

The girl: Yes, sure.

The boy: You won’t believe it till you see it.

The girl: Show me.

The boy: I have. You can’t see it.


The sea: I like when you roll.

The wave: You roll too!


The heart: Take it easy.

The heart owner: I’ve got no time.

The heart: You’ve got me.


Bird 1: I watch and I learn.

Bird 2:What have you learned?

Bird 1: I learned to watch.


The girl: Do you love me?

The boy: Me?

The girl: Yes.

The boy: I do sometimes.

The girl: Sometimes?

The boy: I am hard to love.


The man: Would you care for a walk?

The woman: I wouldn’t.


The tree: I’m glad there is a new tree in the park.

The palm: Why don’t you go shake hands?

After 10 Years.

The older tree: Nice to meet you.

The new tree: Nice of you to reach out.


The woman: Look at the new building.

The other woman: They are still building.

The woman: still?

The other woman: yes.

The woman: No wonder it’s taking a long time.


Learning backwards

A place

The big star: How many years are you?

The small star: Enough to shine.

The big star: You seem to like aging.

The small star: I like living.

The old man: You know how to smirk, boy.

The boy: Huh?

The old man smirks.

The boy: You don’t.

Person A: I need to get out of here.

Person B: Tell what happened?

Person A: I want out.

Person B: Out is not a destination.




1 : It is a nice morning, isn’t it?

2 : Hmm

1 : You work here?

2 : Not really.

1 : You are meeting someone?

2 : Not quite.

1 : What are you waiting for then?

2 : Nothing.

1 : Then why don’t you get off my lawn.

Mom: You want to talk about it?

Daughter: Not really.

Mom: How about I make you some coffee?

Daughter: Okay.

Mom: With marshmallows on top?

Daughter: Okay.

Mom makes coffee.

Daughter: Can I tell you what happened?

Mom: Sure.


Orangefish: I try to get the big bubbles but I can’t reach them fast enough.

Bluefish: I see.

Orange fish: I first aim at one bubble because it’s important to focus on the bubble, then I swim at my full speed but it pops before I get it.

Bluefish: Aha.

Orangefish: Actually I read a whole book about “how to get the bubble”.

Bluefish: Did that help?

Orangefish: Of course!

It Is What It Is

The boy: How old are you?

The old man: As much as you want.

The boy: 100 years.

The old man: It is.

The boy: It is a lot of time to be alive.

The old man: It is.

The boy: 50 years?

The old man: It is?

The boy: 50 years made you old.

The old man: They made me wise too.


The cat: When the morning comes, the birds wake up.

The dog: The master wakes up too.

The cat: It is hunting time.

The dog: The master feeds us in the morning.

The cat: We can feed ourselves.

The dog: What if we can’t catch them.

The cats: We do next time.

The dog: I don’t like birds.

The cat: You don’t like freedom. 

Cup or Cone

The girl: I want vanilla ice cream, please.

The shop guy: Cup or a cone?

The girl: I don’t know!

The shop guy: Then you don’t get any.


The mother: I have a new story.

The boy: I want the old one.

The mother: This new one is exciting.

The boy: So as the old one.


The dad: Where is your mom?

The girl: Where is your wife?

The dad: That is not funny.

The girl: That is not fair.


The tree: It is summer.

The other tree: It is warm.

The tree: It is summer.

The other tree: It is beautiful.

The tree: It is summer.

The other tree: It is summer.

Me and You

The morning breathed.

The flower stretched.

The morning is singing.

The flower is humming.

The morning is here.

The flower is alive.

Working together

The street said to the car: Feel comfortable.

The car said: I don’t want to.

The street said: It is Okay.

The car said: I’m counting on you.

Lesson Learned

The schoolgirl: My mom said it is dangerous to think sometimes.

The other schoolgirl: But we have to think because we are born with a brain.

The schoolgirl: Not always.

The other schoolgirl: My brain needs a break.

Lunch Time

The homeless: Can I have 10?

The man: What for?

The homeless: I’m hungry.

The man: You can have my lunch.

Leap of Death

The woman: When I was young, we used to come to this lake.

The man: You’ve got to be a good swimmer.

The woman: I dived deep.

The man: A professional diver too.

The woman: I drowned.

Hide and Seek

The boy: Don’t stop counting!

The girl: 10-11-12…

The boy: You stopped?

The girl: Only for a second.

A deal Is A deal

The mom: Finish your homework by 1 pm

 and you can have ice cream.

The boy: I finished!

The mom: It is not 1 pm yet.

One Team

The night: Hope to see you again.

The day: I hope so too.

The night: And if we don’t?

The day: Then we are through.

The night: Well, you know how to get people to work.

The day: So do you, my friend.

Every Day Is Different

The girl: Look in my eyes.

The boy: Why?

The girl: Just do it.

The boy: I see them every day.

The girl: you haven’t seen them today.


The mother: My momma taught me how to raise children.

The single man: How?

The mother: She raised me!

The single man: So as my mom!

The mother: So, you know how to raise kids?

The single man: I’ll know when they come.


The radio: Ain’t no sunshine when she’s gone.

The man: No sunshine but the sun is still out there.

The radio: It’s not warm when she’s away.

The man: It’s cold cause it’s winter season.

Already Happy

Person: You already know how to fly, how to eat and how to make a secure nest.

The bird: ….

Person: You already know how to live, how to mate, and how to be happy and joyful.

The bird: ….

Person: You were already given life!


Sinners Need Forgiveness

Woman: My heart is heavy, forgive me Lord for what I have done.

Lord: ….

Woman: I have cursed my son but he is sinning against you.

Lord: …

Woman: Sinners need punishment. Please forgive me but I had to do it.

Lord: …

Woman: I will not forgive him for what he did.

Lord: …

Woman: Thank you Lord for forgiving me.


His Door Is Always Open

Man: Help me, Lord!


Man: My demons are following me.


Man: I did it today and I repent.

Lord: …

Man: Make them leave me alone. Tomorrow I’m a changed person.

Lord: …

Man: But if I do it again tomorrow, who will accept my repentance but you?

Secret Vow

Worshipper: You call the day a day and there is light.

God: …

Worshipper: You call the night a night and there is darkness.

God: …

Worshipper: You call my heart and it’s yours so let it be full of you, my love.

Laugh With Me

School kid: First time I talked to the teacher, she won’t listen to me, I wanted her to fix my grades! I studied hard for the math test but failed

God: …

School kid: The second time I talked to her, she fill on the floor and the kids laughed, she said it was my fault because I talked a lot about grades.

God: …

School kid: I laugh now cause I know you did it, didn’t you!

She heard You

Person: The sky is grey and so is my heart.

The sky clears up and the sun shines.

Person: Oh well.


Man: Fear is made.

Woman: Made not born?

Man: Fear is fake.

Woman: Fake not real?

Man: Are you scared?

Woman: Not any more.

Life School

Sky: You are patient. I see how people tread on you.

Earth: It is not for me to teach them what they don’t know.

Sky: How will they learn?

Earth: By making a mistake.

Sky: The old-school way?

Earth: There is no other one.

Mind Matter

Husband: I have been thinking.

Wife: And?

Husband: I did some serious thinking.

Wife: Any results?

Husband: It is going on for a while.

Wife: Okay.

Husband: It doesn’t stop.




Woman 1: You helped us so much, we can’t thank you enough.

Woman 2: I know..

Woman 1: You know?

Woman 2: I do.

Woman 1: Alright.

Woman 2: There are two types of people in this world; the one that knows and the one that helps.

Make Up Your Mind

Secretary: Have you made a decision, yet?

Manager: You ask a lot of questions!

Secretary: You asked me to write the decision in the report once it’s made.

Manager: I asked you to make the report at the end.

Secretary: Isn’t this the end?

Manager: End of this, sure.

It Hurts

Granddad: So what do you think?

Kid: I think old people are not that smart.

Granddad: What are you saying?

Kid: They make mistakes! 

Granddad: Of course they do! They are humans.

Kid: They make mistakes and they get upset about it! 

Grandad: So ..

Kid: So they hate mistakes cause it makes them think.


More In The Sky

Child: I want to climb the house.

Mom: Why would you do that?

Child: To see the sky!

Mom: There is nothing to see up there.

Child: Have you been up there?

Mom: No!

Child: You don’t know what you don’t know, mom!


Listen To It

Lady: I like to have coffee in the morning and afternoon. It’s my special time.

Man: I like to have nothing all day.

Lady: Nothing is special about that.

Man: Nothing is special.


Fisherman 1: I think today is a good day!

Fisherman 2: Why do you think so?

Fisherman 1: Because it is!

Fisherman 2 sighs*

Fisherman 1: Plenty of fish waiting to be picked up by the right fisherman!


Now You Know

Teacher: After sunset, the day world sleeps.

Student: I don’t.

Teacher: You do.

Student: But I’m awake at night.

Teacher: Are you?


Yes or No

Father: I will teach you this just like your granddad taught me as a kid.


Father: Your granddad taught me a lot even when I didn’t want to learn.

Son: Did he teach you to say no?


Right There

Woman 1: You are funny!

Man: Not funnier than you.

Woman: You think I’m funny?

Man: I sure do.

A moment

Doctor: Sometimes the patient doesn’t want the shot, give it anyway.

Nurse: But…

Doctor: They don’t know.

Nurse: Do we?

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