Sufi Teachings for Life

Sufi Energy Healing
Teachings for Life

Energy – The ultimate life form

The Power Of Energy For centuries, spiritual energy knowledge was hidden intentionally from everyday normal people. Instead chemicals (“medicine”) were presented to everyone

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Seven Levels of Self

The Seven Levels Of Self

Sufi 7 Levels of Self The Sufi has different methods and practices, different schools, and scholars. One thing that most Sufis know is the “nafs/self’

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Audio Meditations



“All Purpose Meditations” are designed specifically to address the “Heart-Body-Mind” issues. The three essential components of our inelegant complex creation. Each meditation track covers the whole aspects of each component. Listening using headphones is advisable as well as repeating the words ourselves. These words are chosen to heal the core being of the Heart, the Body, and the Mind.

We know that the soul/spirit which is responsible for life, existence, order and harmony within the whole being. The being – its wisdom, its beauty, its strength, its very life down to the last cell, the last atom – is in need of the soul at every moment. It’s connected to this world with the Breath. The Healing process depends manly on the Breath. So, tuning into our own breath, simplify everything. The Breath is a powerful tool to use for healing. These Meditation tracks have music. Enjoy listening!



All Purpose Meditation







This Zeker is an amazing strong mantra used by Sufis. The two words in this audio track are two qualities of the Highest Source. These names are attributes of God. One who repeats these names 99 times or more will never fall into hard times. This is used for facing difficulties in life and in self.

Ya-Hai, the Self-Subsisting. Meaning, He doesn’t depend on anything, nor does He require any support. He is the Omnipotent, Creator and Sustainer of all things. He is the Almighty and the Sole Provider, He sustains the existence of everything.

Ya-Qayym, the Self-Subsistent Everlasting One Who is perfect in Himself. Meaning, The One Who stands alone. He is the One Who draws out the origins and provisions of all things through the truth of His created Order, and He is the Knower of their capacities.




Ya Hai Ya Qayyum/Live and Living source



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