“The Key Is Love” Love Interpretation By A sufi
The Key is Love


The Key is Love

if you cant feel love

the key is compassion

The Key Is Love

This was one of my Facebook posts. These short three sentences will save you the work a lifetime. It is knowledge within knowledge and polarity within polarity. The frequent Sufi mention of Love is not arbitrary or unintentional. When we say the key is Love in Sufism it doesn’t mean desire or physical intimacy. Love doesn’t mean a temporary feeling or intense emotion. Love here is not blind but on the contrary very awake. Love is not earthly attraction. Love is not bound by time, place or person. It is not a reaction to emotion or feelings even if it might seem like that.

Even me as the writer, I find it difficult to put words together to describe it. I will try anyway.

What if I say, there’s an eternal celestial waterfall that never stop flowing at any time or under any circumstances. What if I say, you are connected to this waterfall and so is every Soul that ever existed. You may know and you may not. What’s important here is that at some point in your life, you will stop, think and realize that you need love! And at the same exact moment, you will stop, think and realise again that people around you need love too! The whole life career, the achievements wall of certificates, the big social friendship circle or peoples acknowledgement based on job, task or service didn’t fulfil that spiritual emptiness. And thats also why a lot of people arrive at this conclusion later in their lives, when they are older and have been through it all.

But wait! What is love?

The realisation of needing love or lacking love (polarity) is your inner Soul call-out. Your Soul trying to reach out for you and tell you the Truth. The Truth is You Are A creation Made From Love, With Love and By Love.

A cold chill goes through my chest when I remember not knowing this for some time in my life and how the earthly struggle and pain weighed on my heart. How could I suffer when I am connected to the eternal stream of Love that washed away every personal minor concern?

But wait! What is Love?

Your Soul is forever connected to the Eternal Celestial Love Waterfall. YOU ARE ALREADY CONNECTED TO SOURCE. Deep inside your Soul you find it. It is already there. Because this Love is Unique and profound it has a sacred attributes.

First: It heals.

This Love heals every pain whether physical, emotional, mental or spiritual. When your Soul connects deeply to it, and goes through the earthly pains, accept your pain and embrace it, go through it entirely and ask the question: What’s behind this pain? What truth do I need to learn in order to grow? Doing that will release, heal and rebuild your Soul.

Second: It completes.

With this Love, you don’t need to do anything to prove yourself. No need to feel incomplete or unworthy. You feel Whole and one with everything there is. And that’s why you start feeling this Love towards others, being compassionate when they are hurt or hurtful. This Love is the missing equation of life. It is not acquired from others, It is inside you, it is part of you. It bursts with no end. It is sufficient. It just is and you just are.

Third: It’s sacred.

Knowing this, you can’t un-know it. Knowing this automatically puts you in a place where consciousness and awareness are One and Whole. It elevates your spirit and lightens your Soul. You know you are close with Source, The Divine, The One. You understand that this Love has always been waiting for you because you are loved by The Divine. You are a dear creation loved and adored by The Divine! It is that light that will show you your path in life, where everything else dissolves with its presence.

Love Through Compassion

The love of soulmates draws them closer to this eternal Love. The love of a mother or a father draw you closer but it’s not the same. There are some people who haven’t been lucky with love in their life. Whether from their parents, spouse, brothers, sisters or friends. Even if you can’t feel love, try to feel compassion. Through compassion love will arrive. Feeling compassion for others and most importantly for yourself. This Love made great poets and worshipers go crazy. For this Love is not from this world. Just like your Soul that is not from this world. And these two things find resolution in God.

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