The knowledge behind the 4 elements of nature and its effect in our lives
4 Elements Nature & Their Effect on Us


The 4 Elements Of Nature

When the Highest source created the Universe, he created the 4 elements of nature, the earth and sky for the human race, he also created the water for life to start. The whole of Creation was made for you. Like anything in life, everything has different dimensions. I will focus only on how we can align with and be aware of the consciousness of these elements. It is important to feel each element as each one, has consciousness and that consciousness will direct the energy in a certain direction of your life or body.

“The mystic sees on the abstract plane one or other element predominating at a certain time, either ether, air, fire, water or earth. Every element in the finer forces of life is rendered intelligible by the direction of its activity and color, and the various forms of light show its different rates of activity. For instance the feeling of humor develops into greater humor, and sadness into a deeper sorrow, and so it is with the imagination: every pleasant thought develops pleasure and expands into a still pleasanter thought, and every disagreeable imagination grows and becomes more intense.

Again, on the physical plane we not only see men dwelling together in cities and villages, but even beasts and birds living in flocks and herds; coal is found in the coal-mine, and gold in the gold-mine, the forest contains thousands of trees, whereas the desert holds not a single one. All this proves the power of affinity which collects and groups the atoms of like kind and makes of them numerous forms, thereby creating an illusion before the eye of man who thus forgets the one source in the manifestation of variety.

The direction taken by every element to make a form depends upon the nature of its activity.

  • For instance an activity following a horizontal direction shows the earth element,
  • a downward direction the water element,
  • an upward direction the fire element;
  • the activity that moves in a zigzag direction shows the air element, and
  • the form taken by the ether is indistinct and misty”

Hazrat Inayat Khan

Earth Element

The earth was made to be walked on and eaten from initially. But have we thought about what earth can teach us. It was there long before us and in it lie all the souls that walked on top. I marveled at how generous the earth is to always provide stability and security through staying the same.  The direction that the earth moves is always horizontal. We know that in the way our planet moves and the motion of certain natural phenomena.

Some people use the term “grounded” to refer to being realistic – just stay on earth. So we know unconsciously that staying on the ground – earth is actually rational, but we don’t know that it is because we were made from clay, we do relate and feel stable on earth. Earth is part of our physical form. When we stand on earth our bodies belong to it and we feel “grounded”.  If you over-connect with earth  it will cause problems like anxiety. This happens because fear is the negative emotion we get if we over-focus on earth. It is based on the need to survive. That is fear’s role – to keep us alive.

So, your physical body will shout messages of survival, even when no real threat is there; thus, you will have anxiety problems. Physically, you might have symptoms of digestive problems, lower back issues, hip pain, ovarian cysts in women or prostate issues in men.

Air Element

What about Air? Air goes in all directions. No particular direction.  While the body is related to the Earth, the mind is related to the air element. The tendency of the mind is to sometimes move in zigzag. If you know people who change their mind all the time, you know what I mean. But when the air element is more balanced it becomes omnipresent. Air is the opposite of earth when it comes to being “grounded”. We use the term “spaced out” as an indication that the person is not in her/his physical body anymore. Another synonym is “high up there”. And again the initial conception of being up in the air means being in contact with your Third Eye. It means you’re in touch with your psychic abilities and intuition. Long before brain imaging, ancient cultures knew this Third Eye existed, and they also realized that it receives information from sources outside of the five senses.

It is very unlikely that we over-connect with Air. Most of us are very in tune with our physical reality and find it difficult to receive information outside of it. That being said, if you do highly focus on Air element, you likely spend most of your time engrossed in psychic activities like spirituality, astrology and the paranormal.

Water Element

In water life is given. For delivering a child, it happens while the infant is swimming in water inside his mother’s body. Where water exists, life exists. Forms of plants and animals exist in accordance with water. The direction of water is inward. Water can be still and can be in motion. It is always changing. Water also relates to healing, it cleanses and purifies. The earth has its counterpart in heaven and the water element does too. And since the heavens are made of light, you realize that water is also just a more concentrated form of light, and you see this light moving in a particular direction when it appears. We see this in a waterfall that comes down from a mountain, then forms a stream and spreads out that way. We say that’s the nature of water.

If you are over focused on this element, the power we have over our own lives extends to the lives of others. You may feel quick to anger, the need to control and micromanage, greediness and a lack of compassion or empathy. You may suffer from digestive issues or even imbalances in your internal organs like the appendix, pancreas, liver and kidneys. Moreover, you may find yourself enjoying things that aren’t nourishing for your soul or healthy.

Fire Element

The fire element’s direction is upward. Fire rising and opening up, you see it in a volcano, it erupts and then explodes. You don’t experience the fire nature through the emotions but through the energy. When people experience that kind of opening or kundalini awakening (as they call it in yoga), then you experience the energy rising, and as it rises you feel yourself expanding, vaster and vaster. It contains will power and love. However this love doesn’t come from kindness but from a strong essence. Fire has been used a lot to describe passion and motivation. It burns, hence we take action. You need to feel fire as you will learn how to respect space and boundaries of your self and others. Fire as a symbolism of the heart is an infinite source of love, will power and action.

When you are too connected to the fire element you lose personal boundaries and start to make unhealthy choices, all in the name of love. It’s important to treat yourself with the same compassion and kindness that you give others, but when you are too focused on that, you may find yourself always putting the needs of others before your own. Symptoms include a fast heart rate, palpitations, heart burn and interpersonal relationship issues.


The Fifth Element and balance in our lives


From the Fifth element, all 4 elements of nature are born. It transcends all of them. Most people are not aware of it. In this we may find balance and consciousness of all 4 elements of nature. So how do we balance then:

Earth – take care of your survival needs first, utilize that energy to the best of your ability. Then, calm down by focusing on your connection to your soul and the highest source. Don’t get too attached to earth knowing that your physical body is from earth but your soul is from heaven. Take time each day to nurture your soul by praying, meditating and engaging with the beloved. Repeat” I am the Soul”

Air – If you find yourself consumed with psychic information, take some time to remind yourself that you are a creature of the Earth. Go to the beach and feel the sand on your toes. Dig your toes in the dirt in your garden. Connect your body to Earth and repeat” I am a human being”

Water – Think of the things that you know you’re good at. Everyone has talents and abilities. Make a list of yours. Feel how the confidence in those talents makes your stomach tingle and vibrate. Empower that feeling by creating your own personal lifestyle. Remember to stay flexible to life’s change, don’t be static, be creative.

Fire – Balancing this means taking that love you’ve given to others and focusing some of it back on yourself. Focus on receiving love from the highest source. You can do this by doing one thing every day that’s just for you like: Take a relaxing bath or treat yourself to a massage or meditate on sending and receiving love from the beloved.


Why balance?

Achieving a balanced consciousness is the goal of every spiritual quest, and it’s not easy to do. Of course, it is the journey of attempting to achieve this balance that brings us happiness, good health and wisdom. Trying to balance your elements will align your heart with the highest source.

Interacting with the 4 elements of nature means you’re human.

It feels exactly like being a human. Some people may be closer to achieving it, while others may be far away. In any case, practicing spiritual movement and balancing your elements will bring you closer to experiencing the energy you already own in your deep Essence.

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