They fly in his presence
They Fly in His Presence


It was at the doms that I have seen them, sitting and listening in peace and tranquility. They gather around and meet. They hear the Beloved’s name and they fly towards his direction. Even though they know him very well, They will take any opportunity to sit in his presence. His presence is whenever his name is mentioned. His name is ultimate ancient song of the universe. In his name/names lies all the wisdom and knowledge. The pure truth, the magnificent secrets of unity and wholesome. They will attend any gathering or meeting or even isolated secret conversation with him. The love they have for The Highest Source surpasses any other creation or feeling.

In his presence, they are complete.

In his presence, they are fulfilled.

In his presence, they are one with the most powerful force of the universe.

Will you my friend meet them? Would you go where they sit and feel them?

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