Trust More and Trust Sure


Have I been lost and didn’t know it,

have I been sick and didn’t feel it,

or angry and didn’t admit it,

have I been myself,

have I been Yours or other’s.

My choices were random and inexplicable,

I had my own understanding of life.

I’v been taught and I’ve been shown things,

but never been taught about You.

I have studied and I have gained a great knowledge,

it is incomplete without You.

The hand of time touched my heart,

I am old and I try to start,

I am brave and I know defeat,

I am gentle and I carry my feet,

with your Will.

You had my hands open,

after they were tight, closed and scared.

You had me to search for a meaning,

after rational thinking was dismissed.

It wasn’t easy and it wasn’t all willing,

for sometimes, I had to run and other times,

I stopped moving.

Look at my face, and look at my pace,

look at me now, and forgive my past,

look at me, my love,

look at my heart, what’s hiding there,

look at my eyes, who’s living there,

look at my intention, my intention is true,

look at my thoughts, my thoughts are few,

look at me, my love,

I’m alive in your life,

I’m your daughter and your son,

I’m from you and to you,

I’m who I’m because of you,

look at me, my Lord,

I long for your Face,

the Light, that pierces through the darkness

of hearts,

the Light, that spreads through heavens, earths,

between them and above.

the Light protected my Soul,

from evil and fall.

I know your Light,

it burns in my heart,

it reminds me of who I am,

it reminds me of the beginning of time,

it reminds me that I’m brave and gentle,

it reminds me that I’m alive,

it reminds me of my people,

the ones who passed and the ones yet to survive,

it reminds me of the grand plan,

it reminds me to trust,

and trust more,

and trust sure,

because I have You,

and your angels protect my sanity,

they protect my heart,

they keep me alive,

they keep me aware,

of evil and Light,

of pain and Delight,

of the lowly and the Might.

Look at me, now,

I’m all Yours.






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