Who knows the real from a surreal


At a dream we met,

two souls are perfect,

two spirits travel along,

a mysterious realm of right and wrong,

two powers, they endeavor,

an unsolved puzzle with one another,

two friends, we are,

aren’t we, my friend?

two enemies, we depart,

both realities we bend.

Who knows a dream is real?

who knows the real from a surreal?

who knows how long we have been together?

who knows how long we left each other?

I invite a friend from my realm,

a friend that I know but have never seen.

I invite you to meet with me,

eat some sweets and drink beer.

This is my life now, it’s absurd,

my life has never been my life,

this is my house now, although like a bird,

I die in reality and in dreams, I’m alive.

Come visit me and pardon my ignorance,

of universal matters, pardon my foolishness,

pardon my unknowing of what’s behind my knowing,

pardon my incompetence to understand your nature.

My friend, it’s been too long,

we’re together and apart,

my friend, it’s been too heavy,

the burden carries me around.

I see your trace everywhere I go,

I never seem to catch you on time,

I’m always late, forgive my mind,

it thinks it’s a rat race and we’re both blind.

My friend, I meet you but you never do,

my friend, I greet you and greet my self too.

A story I can narrate to my unborn children,

it starts like it ends with great discipline,

the hero is asleep and thinks he’s a wake,

his dreams are so deep, his world is fake,

the antagonist is a nightmare of heard of people,

he has to face their destiny and become equal,

he has to be a human being like them,

he has to be filthy and dense,

he has to carry what he thinks is him,

and he has to bury the coldness and grim.

This would be a great story before sleep,

don’t you think,

except sleeping is another sleep within another realm.

Illusions upon illusions,

confusion upon confusion,

this is not my world,

and this is not my conclusion.

You illuminated my vision,

you carry me kindly with precision,

you planted my chest with flowers and herbs,

you gathered the rest of my fragmented flare.

You are just you,

all glory to your name,

all glory to your nature,

all glory to your fame.






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