You Are An Ocean, Relative Spiritual Counterpart


The Ocean analogy has been used by a lot of spiritual masters as well as science advocates. Ocean being an open yet unknown space, always reminds the mind of, how little is known about one’s nature. Mind, body and heart are three components, which remain under constant study and observation and similar is the ocean.

Experiencing an ocean is different than experiencing the sea or river. Both have streams of living water but the ocean is different. There is a pure and totally untouched depth within. A deep ocean level, all the way down, beyond the reach of human hand. Isolated, dark and inaccessible; marked an “unknown zone”. This place stayed the same since it was first created. This gives the ocean a neutral innocent quality. In like manner, humans still preserve this innocent quality, it still exists inside, no matter how many trials the soul goes through. Innocence has a unique energy field. It has a remarkable flow and presence both in the physical and spiritual realms. When contemplating on the ocean, in reality it’s a contemplation on one’s own nature. Seeing the ocean as it is with no names or definitions, brings one to see the pure original self (soul). Heinrich Zimmer said “Limitless and immortal, the waters are the beginning and end of all things on earth.”

Nature contemplation is an approach to see one’s hidden nature reflected in various elements. These elements were the main ingredients to form our physical and non physical reality. It’s advisable that we contemplate and meditate on nature and its patterns. Not forgetting the intention behind the practice, nor being overwhelmed by its beauty and wonder. Nature is here to teach us extraordinary lessons beyond the worlds physicality. To know that each unique part of the universe reflects the whole. Through contemplation, one traverses levels of self and realizes the Creator’s fine majesty. Recognizing his majesty, creates the same within. Then embodying the holy allocated majesty and at the same time living in continuous humility, is a higher state of paradoxical human understating. The ocean is humble, yet it is tremendously fierce. Yogananda wrote “I myself the Cosmic Sea, watch the little ego floating in me.”

Effortless knowledge unfolds when the heart is full of modesty and grace. The contemplative, by contemplating the phenomena of the ocean, is carried beyond the mediating realm of reason to the realm of pure forms. We study nature not to analyse it according to some conceptual thought but to come to know the self through an analogy existing between the microcosm and the macrocosm. And by knowing the self, one comes to know God, for as Prophet Muhammad said, ‘He who knows himself, knows his Lord.’


And we have created from water, every living thing; will they not then believe?

21:30 Quran – Al-Anbiya



-the vast body of salt water that covers almost three fourths of the earth’s surface.
-any of the geographical divisions of this body, commonly given as the Atlantic, Pacific, Indian, Arctic, and Antarctic oceans.
-a vast expanse or quantity.

The qualities of an ocean compared to a human-being:

  • About 70.8% of the world surface contains of oceans, just like the human physical body. A human body consists of 70% water.
  • Ocean currents and swells governs energy and energy (heat) governs the weather. A human being has currents and swells of emotions (energy) and energy governs the overall state of a person.
  • More than 80% of the oceans are unmapped and unexplored. Likewise, the human brain is unexplored, the brain is the most complex organ of the body, both in structure and function.
  • The ocean is 36,200 feet (11,000 m or almost 7 miles) deep at its deepest point. On average, the ocean is about 12,100 feet (3,688 m) deep. Similarly the subconscious is far deep than one can imagine, it makes 95 per cent of one’s life decisions.


The ocean has five zones or layers. Each corresponds with a layer in human being.

1- The Epipelagic Zone – Upper open ocean.

The epipelagic zone is the part of the ocean where there is enough sunlight for algae (aquatic plant) to utilize photosynthesis (the process by which they use sunlight to convert carbon dioxide into food). Generally speaking, this zone reaches from the sea surface down to approximately 200 m (650 feet).  These plants that live in the open zone are responsible for much of the original food production for the entire ocean and create at least 50% of the oxygen in the atmosphere. Some marine life react to peoples’ presence and influence when they come in direct contact with this zone. Marine life that live in the upper open ocean come into contact with the sea surface. Most sea life creatures surface in this zone.

1-Shallow thought Realm (Sunlight-Midday).

This realm of thoughts contains shallow thoughts. They come and go easily without leaving a print on one’s being. These thoughts are mostly reactive. They happen automatically and unconsciously. If one is reactive to every stimuli, one encounters, it indicates that one, lives in the shallow waters of the self or life. One doesn’t consciously know or choose to know, why these reactions are out of control. Reactive individuals are illiterate about reality and self, hence suffer the most in life. One lives in the upper open ocean, where they never get to choose, understand, or change his/her life or life’s outcome. This realm requires deliberate practice of meditation and focus to overcome the open running random thoughts. These thoughts travel freely from one place to the other without navigation or purpose. It’s a state of swimming against the flow. If not resisted and fought, eventually one gives in to the thought chatter and confusion. Although these thoughts are arbitrary and shallow, they have a force of their own. Their presence affects one’s attitude because they can be seen clear like sunlight. If the highly intelligent mind is not used to regulate these thoughts, one’s life events will be orchestrated by unintentional and random feelings. . This is also the realm of survival instinct. Most thoughts float and surface here. These are thoughts filled with feelings and analysis. Thoughts that have been processed rather than emerged or inspired. It’s a victim mind state, where things (as one imagine) are happening to one not by him/her. It takes a massive leap, meditation and more, to shift from this realm to the second. Examples: When one is attacked or invited, when the weather is hot or cold and when music is loud or quiet.


2-The Mesopelagic Zone – Middle open ocean .

It stretches from the bottom of the Upper Open Ocean down to the point where sunlight cannot reach. Generally speaking the deep end of the Middle Open Ocean zone is approximately 1000 m (3300 feet) deep. This zone is much larger than the Upper Open Ocean area, and the most versatile marine life on Earth live in this zone. Many of the species of fish that live here, migrate up into shallow water, the epipelagic zone to feed, but only at night.

2-Impression Realm (Twilight).

This is one level deeper. These are impressions which stay and leave a print on one’s reality. These impressions have a meaningful core, they create a slight influence. With time, these impressions grow. These are the roots of beliefs. Thoughts here, are heavier and more effective. This realm can be reached by pure awareness and observation. These impressions hide in daytime and appear at night. They dive into the subconscious. They are registered and acknowledged by the mind in a file one can’t reach. The file can’t be found spontaneously but with conscious patience and determination. Observing one’s speech or thought process, gives an insight of what kind of impressions are dwelling inside. Here, one is closer to understand one’s self. Some of these impressions, trigger memories or pain, while others are intriguing. One always carries impressions, things one likes, dislike and things, yet to be labeled. Impressions can be manged intentionally. One can choose what to see, say, hear and feel. If not handled deliberately, impressions create their own story and script in later stages, where most of the time, they turn into one deep conviction. Choose thoughts wisely, otherwise, one’s choice is being chosen on his or her behalf. Impressions are far stronger than shallow thoughts. This is the seed of beliefs and subsequent physical reality. Most of these impressions come from childhood and they grow bigger and bigger, hidden in the subconscious. For some reason, certain experiences leave a pronounced print to one’s heart, this print starts feeding on similar experiences until it creates its own presence, where one willingly or unwillingly, acknowledges it as part of reality. It’s called twilight because one sees it and not, unconscious attention is attracted to elements and images around. It’s a twilight Zone. Example: When one notices a certain color, when one likes or dislike a picture, and when one chooses to wear a certain style of clothes.


3-The Bathypelagic Zone – Lower open ocean.

The bathypelagic is much larger than the mesopelagic and 15 times the size of the epipelagic, 3,300-13,000 feet deep. It is the largest ecosystem on earth. The upper area of this zone is defined by a complete lack of sunlight. Marine life in the bathypelagic live in complete darkness, all day long. The darkness can be interrupted, however, by some light caused by the creatures themselves. Some marine life have lost their ability to see anything at all. Food is even scarcer than in the mesopelagic zone above it. With less energy available, most of the fish are ‘sit and wait’ predators, or actively attract prey by producing light which works as traps. Most of the animals that live at these depths are black or red in color due to the lack of light.

3- Independent thoughts (Midnight).

This is another realm of thoughts, that one knows little about. Regardless, these thoughts cause action. This is the impressions turning into an independent thought. It is a thought that has power. It’s hardly resisted. It has its own justifying reasons to be there and therefore, one acts upon this proactive thought. The proactive thought is loaded with emotions and feelings. It is the thought behind the behavior, positive or negative. People do things for personal reasons, these reasons are proactive thoughts. This realm is hard to navigate, it’s dark and vague for the analyzing mind. One may have access to this realm through meditation and contemplation. These practices ease up the mind, they move it out of the way. Then the content of this realm will start surfacing, one thought by the other. A human being is a complex and brilliant creation. It takes abundant and patient love to dive deep inside a spirit. Because this realm is vague, thoughts dominate each other. They constantly fight, and re-fight. This doesn’t stop till the proactive thought is exposed and acknowledged. For proactive thoughts are equally strong and they create division in one’s inner being. Most thoughts here have polarity, hence the suffering. These thoughts speak loud and communicate through one’s voice and sometimes actions. Though hard to expose, these thoughts can be found with determent insightful effort. Some people don’t like to sit alone in silence, this is exactly why. They keep one occupied and entertained, hence it’s called midnight realm. Example: When wanting to be peaceful but anger is easily triggered, when deciding to accomplish a task and not wanting to do it, when wanting to say something and not saying it, and when loving and hating someone at the same time.


4-The Abyssopelagic Zone – Abyss 

Deeper still is the abyssopelagic zone, which stretches from the bottom of the bathypelagic to the seafloor. This zone is characterized by a relative lack of life. There are only a few organisms learned to survive in the abyssopelagic zone, a subzone located from 4,000 meter to the bottom with freezing temperatures and incredible pressures.It’s 13,000-20,000 feet deep. Deeper than the abyss zone are the canyons and trenches of the deep ocean. These exist side by side with the Deep Ocean Trenches Zone.

4-Subconscious realm (Darkness).

There is total darkness here. It truly is the abyss. This is the abyss of the deep subconscious. This is where convictions and beliefs reside. Beliefs that one is absolutely, unaware of. Some of these convictions, never come to light. It’s extremely challenging to find them and even more challenging, is to dissolve them. It takes a life time to adjust one belief, which speaks volumes of why some people never change. These transparent thoughts are beyond form, they are abstract, therefore hard to discover. They have roots in the subconscious mind, their roots extend way beyond what one can imagine. It’s inner peace or inner hell, nothing in between. Example: when one is always optimistic or pessimistic, a belief created after an accident, trauma, or extensive amount of pain or pleasure, and how one talks to him/her self by default.


5-The Hadal – Deep ocean trenches.

A unique zone that only exists in certain places is called the hadopelagic zone. It’s 20,000 feet and deeper. It is where deep, wide trenches occur in the otherwise flat seafloor, the open water that fills them is the hadopelagic zone. There are bizarre creatures living in this area. Here are several interesting species that can survive the extreme pressure and darkness of the hadal zone. There are even more creatures beyond the ones I’ve mentioned here that still remain undescribed! The deepest point in the ocean is located in the Mariana Trench off the coast of Japan at 35,797 feet (10,911 meters).



5- Unknown realm – Consciousness.

This is why people go to the ocean. This is the unknown ocean of consciousness. Everything dissolves here in one main creation, a branch reunites with its source and source reunites with its branch. There is no me/self or I. There is unity and absolute harmony. No mind, feelings, thoughts or perception of any sort exist. It’s the final stage of ascension. Some people lose their minds here and some experience this for a while and drop back to the subconscious realm. This is not something one feels with the senses, rather one disappears as a form.

On the path to a higher consciousness, some mystics have reported encountering a vast void. It is said that this void or field of consciousness was mistaken by some, for “enlightenment” or the final stage possible. The truth is that God is the final stage, God is home. Mystics have recommended to transcend or move beyond the void. No matter how vast or blissful it is, it is not the Creator. Instead of letting the vast field of consciousness and energy distract you from the Source, keep your heart set on your final destination until you arrive.

I heard silence, silence infinite as the bottom of the ocean, a silence that sealed.     

Anne Spollen
















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