A dream of the unseen
A Dream Of The Unseen



You had a dream that you ascended to the seventh heaven,

you reached the tree of life, The Oak of Endings,

where the river of life runs from it and to it.

you saw the throne of God, and you saw rows of angels around it.

You had a dream that you were present one on one with

Adam, Ishmael, Moses, David, Mohammed and Jesus,

you had a dream where you were alive in the spiritual realm,

you were light as a feather and you floated with no intention.

You had a dream that all the stories of the holy books that you read,

were true, and all the figures are present and still

You had a dream where every being was light and pure,

and every face was bright and relieving,

You were waited for and now you have arrived,

with no sense or words you know it is your Birthday,

everyone was happy and quite, they looked at you and smiled,

everywhere you look you saw a gentle acknowledgment of a Divine being.

You had a dream where you floated towards the brightest flame,

it was like a moth attracted by the light,

where every being directed toward, and every breath was made for,

you came close and near and got lost in the presence of Almighty.

You had a dream of having senses you’ve never had,

of having no physical body and no physical mind.

You had a dream that you were hugged by the Divine,

you were hugged by the One and the Only,

you were gathered like shattered pieces to” One”,

you were healed, restored, embraced and disappeared.

You had a dream where you were no one and no thing,

you were a branch rejoicing in the Source,

you were a river wanted to be swept by the ocean,

you were a child held by the enormous Source of all love,

you were  hundred thousands of years of life coming to an end-beginning zero point,

you were billions of billions stars coming to unite and explode,

you were an essence of cool water vibrations reaching an unimaginable stillness,

you were a profound forgotten alone flower coming to a final bloom,

you were a profound forgotten alone flame coming to a final doom,

you were a profound forgotten alone sacred breath coming to vanish.

you were born,

you were torn,

you were torn,

you were born.

You had an inexplicable dream that you had a dream of the unseen,

you were in a dream inside a dream of the unknown,

you were inside your self, with a self in another self,

you were unable to see that a dream is not a dream,

because you were stuck inside layers of a dream-like-life in between.

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