Your Relationship With Nature And Deep Contemplation
Nature and Deep Contemplation


Nature & Deep Contemplation

We receive nature every day as part of our materialistic existence but nature was put in this universe to serve us. Nature was the Divine creation for our human race to live and survive. But the truth is that we rarely look at nature and its elements, and just like any other element in this world, that requires being more attentive. nature and deep contemplation.

If you practice meditation regularly, you will arrive at the state of contemplation, where the mental effort is nothing more than stillness. Contemplating nature will eventually result in clear vision and self-identity. This profound practice with your senses takes you to the majestic presence of God’s creation. It is a deep appreciation of the Divine’s work of art. It is through nature you activate your senses to connect to higher realms and purity. You appreciate nature as extended creation from the Highest Source. Not getting attached to nature itself, not connecting to the path but to the Source of this path.

Nature contemplation is like an inward penetration of the object awareness and attention of everything that the object means until the object itself turns its full face to you, eventually feeling you are one with that object and you see from its eyes. You are it and it is you. Consequently, you immerse in the present moment and that opens up your perception of what things seem to be and what they actually really are. That perception works as a process, the more you contemplate, the more receptive and intuitive you become. And that helps you not being attached to the future or the past but just being now.

Nature completion is indeed a higher relationship between beauty and stillness. It is the refined practice of staying true to your self, others, and the whole of existence. Listening/smelling/touching/seeing/tasting nature is a path that leads to an intimate conversation with the Divine. Nature will be the tool where you witness messages and leads in your own life’s journey. Keeping a regular contemplating habit frees you from the external influences such as society that defines our beliefs and behavior.

All the tools and paths are out there, set up and ready for you to approach, it is you that must take the step. Get close to nature, meditate and contemplate. Putting attention to nature is an automatic elevation one step higher on the soul’s exploration ladder.

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